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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

we are in a cloud. again.

I have become one of THEM... One of those people you utterly despise because you can see them repeatedly pushing the "close door" button in the elevator as you are approaching. I'm not quite sure how it happened, because i was totally against these people upon arriving on campus. But it's just kind of a culture here I guess, every man for himself when it comes to the elevator. I mean, if people are around and can see me, then obviously I don't hit it, or maybe I even go out on a limb and press the "open door" button as to give the false impression that I welcome waiting for these stragglers to get into the "lift" as they call it here. Truth is, I get some sort of high when I manage to get into an elevator all by myself, sometimes I loudly belt out a current tune of choice when riding one that goes up 10 stories non-stop, as there is noo chance of anybody catching me. Sadly, singing in the shower just isn't an option anymore.

Onto the next mode of transport on campus; The escalators. Let me first clarify that here, the call elevators "lifts, and escalators "elevators", takes some getting used to, but easy enough. I got some dirty looks the first few days I was here before realized and started abiding by the escalator etiquette... Most of you probably have never heard of escalator etiquette, don't worry, obviously I hadn't either. This is the way it goes: If you plan on just standing as the escalator moves (like most of us lazy north americans), then you stand as far to the right as possible so that the keeners can beetle by you on the left side. I am guilty of passing people on these escalators now a days as, like everyone else here, I have begun to live in a constant state of hurry.

We are living in a cloud. Again. In other words, the floors are back to being soaked, and my hair is back to its unbelievably sexy state of maximum frizz. This also means that my room temperature has risen, and that my clothes that were hanging to dry a few days ago continue to do so. But most of all, this means that the fan I turn on keeps mysteriously turning off... Who would've thought?

So tomorrow is the first Mandarin test, I've been sitting here for hours trying to put together a minutes worth of crap to say about myself in chinese. SO far I have my name, what I study, where I'm from, what my parents do, and how many family members I have. God help us all. Practically everyone is heading out to happy valley and wan chai tonight to watch the horse races and celebrate ladies night (which is practically every nght around here), and I was in limbo earlier as to whether I would attend or not. As of now I believe the answer to that question is nooooo way lol. 3 tests in the next 2 days, one of which is in a foreign language that actually sounds like gibberish to me all of the time... The horses can wait.

ps. booked our flights to thailand for spring break. full moon party, beaches, and crazy jungle adventures. No big deal.

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