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Thursday, February 4, 2010

too much meat.

Today I made a discovery that is more than likely going to change the way I interact with everyone I left behind at home... Skype unlimited calling! I was trying to figure my skype out today when I came across this page that said for 5.95$ a month I could call any and all phones in Canada for up to 6 hours each day. jack POT. As soon as I found this, I felt immediately high lol... Like I had to get this set up as soon as possible. So I grabbed my credit card and furiously entered all of my information (billed it to home of course). As soon as I recieved the confirmation email I proceeded to call both of my parents, and 4 of my friends... All within less than an hour; so nerdy, I know. I was getting so frustrated waiting for people to come online for me to be able to skype them, and now I can call anybody wheneverrrrr. I MIGHT become the biggest creepster this side of Hong Kong, but for $6 a month who cares haha.

Mandarin class is still pretty interesting, I know how to say a bunch of basic stuff, like introducing myself, saying where I am from, please, thank you, etc... My french friend Charles (super cool guy) did so well in class that the prof didn't believe he had never learned mandarin before and kept telling him that he needs to be in the more advanced class, which he refuted for what seemed like minutes because he really hasn't spoken any mandarin before and didn't want to get stuck with a bunch of pros.

The 4 americans and I (team "ya b*tch") spent at least 2 hours in the computer lab today, trying to book a resort in cebu during our trip to the Phillipines... No dice. Needless to say, we were fairly unimpressed that even a lot of the smaller/crappier/ghetto resorts are already booked up during the week we plan on going, for the length of time we wanted! I think we have decided to stay in Manila the first night, Cebu city the 2nd, and then go to a beachy resort for 2-3 nights, back to Cebu, then back to Manila to fly home... Or something along those lines. Ps. shoutout to Ben for supplying the digestive cookies.

Today was our friend Justin's birthday, so we made reservations at this korean restaurant where you engage in what is referred to as "Korean Barbeque", it is honestly AMAZZINNG! They have tons and tons of different meat, seafood, and veggies, and you bring what you want to your table and then grill it yourself. It was all you can eat for about $120HK, which is about $16CDN. The only problem with this all you can eat stuff is that most of us ate way too much and felt sick afterwards. After dinner (the restaurant was situated above two floors of drugstore-ish shopping), we headed to LKF for ladies night... again. I had my sugar free redbull before ordering a (free) vodka soda that was so strong I could hardly get it down. I haven't felt so sick in a long long time; too much meat in my stomach at once, the body's not used to it. We stayed most the night at this club called "Cavern", that had a live band playing covers of tons of current tunes. It was super strange to see this all asian band rocking out to lady gaga, rhianna, and kings of leon haha, the things you see in hong kong.

A bunch of the group post-Korean BBQ, pre-LKF

Other than feeling ridiculously bloated, sick, and mad at myself for over-indulging on the marinated beef, my throat started to kill me and my nose started running. All of these + not drinking in the crazy bar district = time to go hommmme. We cabbed back (again, very cheap), and when I got back to my room I found my key that I had thought was lost earlier today. So at least the night ended on a positive note =) One of my friends from germany also had some homeopathic throat medicine that he let me use since I was honestly dying everytime I tried to speak. Thank god for those Germans, don't know what I'd do without them.

For those of you who have been following this whole debocle, the fan is now on and I am about to call it a night... We'll see if it's still on in the morning.

p.s. still waiting to find something in my mailbox. over and out.

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