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Friday, February 19, 2010

2 for 2. dart master.

Pulled a bigtime lazy card today and slept in until 1pm... Even strapped on the super sexy sleeping mask as to not be affecting by the mid-afternoon light streaming in through my low budget curtain. I would also like to mention that the only reason I was up so atrociously late was to update this blog for all of you feeners, so you're welcome. My dietician will also probably not be thrilled that I slept in, due to the fact that that means I didn't eat breakfast. Should she decide to say anything I will pleasantly explain to her that it's okay because I made it up by inhaling a Kinder Bueno later in the day, if she remains unimpressed I guess I'll leave out the details of the Banana muffin. Oooopsie.

While waiting in line at the cafe to pay for my salad with chicken and plain brown bread, an asian girl in front of me looked at my tray, and then asked my "you on diet?", I figured explaining myself would take far too much time, so I responded with a simple "yes". She then proceeded to tell me that it was far too cold out for me to be on a diet; at this point I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry... I only wish that the diet was to keep the meat off of my bones and not to save my life. I never thought that I would have to consider the future repercussions of every bite of food that goes into my mouth, it's kind of scary really. People will often hound me about not drinking when we're out, because they don't really know, or understand my situation. I've had to explain to a handful of people that I don't drink in order to stay alive, it's usually at that point that the questions come to a halt lol, exactly the outcome I was hoping for.

After lunch Elizabeth and I headed to the track to get some much needed exercise, not only for the diabetes, but ever since I started the insulin, I'm gaining weight much easier than I had been at home when all of the sugar I was ingesting was running right through me without being absorbed (that part of the undetected diabetes wasn't so bad lol). After my 4K jog, I headed upstairs to shower and do laundry.

sidenote: I would've showered last night except for the fact that I almost went into shock when the water coming out of the tap was literally ice cold, not awesome. Because it continues to be freakishly cold here, taking a cold shower was in no way an option.

So, onto the laundry. Due to the fact that I was completely out of undies after our trip to the Phillipines, postponing my trip to the laundry room was out of the question (I was not about to start turning those suckers inside out). I decided to really take initiative and wash not only my clothes, but all of my sheets and towels as well (not a big deal to most, but you have to understand my usual lack of motivation for hanging out in the laundry room to appreciate this). I would also like to mention that "Vanish pre-wash stain remover" is garbbbbb and does NOT remove stains whatsoever. But what did I really expect to come from a bright pink bottle of barely-labeled asian mystery substance... Should've known better. Someone send me some shout please and thank you. I also wonder what sort of detergent it is that I am literally shoveling into the machine, it site in the corner of the room in a large unlabeled garbage can, again, quite mysterious. At this point I am indifferent, I can't read any of the stupid lables anyways.

I'm sure that everyone will be shocked to find out that after dinner I headed to the library, yes, quite shocking considering it is indeed a Friday. But who are we kidding, I was out of that place by 9:30. We randomly hung out in Justin's room for a bit (where they ripped a piece of bread out of my hands and wouldn't let me have it, jerks). Then we headed to unibar where I brought home the belt at darts. I am now two for two, and warmly welcome any challengers... I stealthy bring my own cans of diet coke to unibar, due to the fact that I get a whole case for the same price as 2 glasses, they don't have a diabetic discount, I checked. I was planning on calling it a fairly early night, until I got onto skype and called charlay and jill... With a little bit of sean in there somewhere as well lol. I miss my friends =( thinking of you guys.

Time for beauty sleeeeeep <3 love from hk

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