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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

not again.

I write this entry so late because I fear that I may not make it through the night. Now don't get too worked up, I'm not anticipating any type of hypoglycemic attack, but more of overheating and drowning in my own sweat... I am basing this on the fact that apparently having the fan on in this ridiculously humid weather is too much for some people, who continue to turn the fan off even after getting an explanation that their roomate gets nightsweats due to her diabetic condition. I honestly have no idea how this remains an issue.
I can't even imagine telling someone "we'll see" after an explanation like that. And then I offer to switch to the air conditioner instead, but that "would be worse", and they do not want to get sick apparently? I suggested perhaps a sweatshirt and socks, but no, that won't work either. How about I buy my own fan and blast it all day long? How would that work? Every single fan in the hallways is on, there are fans in some of the walkways that are half OUTDOORS. But we leave ours off because.....? You tell me because I have yet to be able to fathom a reasonable answer. Sorry for the rant but I'm about to lose my mind and start cursing in chinese like its my job, okay maybe not the chinese part but that'd be pretty cool. Lets just say that the sleeping nude part mentioned in earlier entries will no longer be reserved for the nights when I'm here alone.

Special Announcement: Happy Birthday to my wonderful baby bro Jay, turning the big 1-8 today! I'm super sad I can't be there to take him out and show him how it's really done, but I'll be back before we know it and I will personally bring along the bucket for the aftermath of our outing lol.

I attempted to eat at LG5 today, but couldn't even get past the menu, so up to the western cafe I went once again, at which I got some rice and veggies and chicken w/curry sauce. I never thought I would be so thankful for a red curry as I have been these past 4 weeks. Ah well, I got it to go and joined the troops downstairs. I then continued to try and figure my chinese-presentation out for a couple of hours, came back to my room to call my broja, and then went down to the track to run. Joke's on me, the track shuts down at 10 and I had like 1 minute, so nooo dice. I figured a jog around campus would be nice, that was until I realized that it was ALLL uphill. I slowed down to a fast walk when the incline got really bad, which turned out to be a majority of the route that I chose. My butt burned the whole time, and I couldn't help but imagine the pain I would be in tomorrow... It will all be worth it when my juicy soccer bum returns haha.

No 9am class tomorrow. Lovvinnnng life to the max. Someone send me a sweat towel STAT, I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

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