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Sunday, February 7, 2010

arguably bad decisions.

I decided after my evening of buying more prepaid phone time, reloading my octopus card, and "independently" shopping in Hang Hau (aka. flying solo), that a night out in the big city sounded like a much better udea than it had earlier on. I skyped with my parentals (for the first time since I've been here) for a while before repeatedly getting cut off by the brutal wireless connection in my dorm. It might have been a bit more of a fashion show than a real skype sesh, as I tried on most of my hk purchases for moms approval, almost bailing off of my chair and killing myself while trying to showcase my new black boots... Maybe I'll stick to sending them photos from now on. She either approved, or just decided not to say otherwise haha either way is okay with me, unless crazy asian style starts to consume my life, in which case I beg you for an intervention.

During my trip to Hang Hau I dicovered this mall made up of the tiniest shops you have ever seen... Some having honestly no more than 20 or 30 items in the whole boutique. I've decided that if I ever need a pick me up, I will immediately mini-bus there, as I have never had so many people tell me I looked so good in every single thing that I tried on lol. I tried on this dress that legitimately looked like a burlap sac hanging from my shouders, and the shop lady was telling me how thin and beautiful it made me look... I looked like a brown grape with thiny stems poking out from the bottom, ummm no thanks. Although I shouldn't really complain, because the majority of the shops refused to let you try anything on at all. I don't know if it was for some strange hygenic reason, or just because the shops were so small they they couldn't afford to spare the space for a change room. Needless to say, I never buy anything here that I can't try on first because the locals are usually about half of my size in every way imaginable; bum, boobs, height, weight... I could go on forever lol. I tried to walk into one shop where the lady had shoe boxes scattered all over the ground, she literally shouted at me "CLOSED!", and shooed me out of the place. She must be related to the girl I met in the common room on my first day here.

I went to LKF with 3 of the boys from USC who had returned from Shenzen (a city just over the border in mainland China), and we had quite the taxi ride... We told the driver we wanted to take the fastest, cheapest way there; usually wouldn't be the same route, and never really figured out which one we took lol. He was speeding like a crazy man until he saw one of his friends driving the taxi beside us... At which point they started yelling at eachother and repeatedly giving each other the finger while laughing hysterically. After this, and realizing that the guy in the taxi ID on the dashboard was not in fact our driver, I quickly made the decision to buckle up. At one point during the taxi ride, our friend in the front seat says "hey, no texting man!", I look up and see the already crazy- possibly imposter of a cab driver with his cell down at his left side sending texts! I closed my eyes and held on for dear life.

Upon arrival at LKF we of course had to make our usual pitstop at 7 11, then met up with most of the other exchangers at "Oyster Bar" where long island iced teas were cheap cheap cheap. I don't think I've ever seen so many guys so proudly drinking them lol. It was the tiniest little bar, with like 150 people drinking outside of it on the street, exchange student mayhemmmmm. We proceeded to "Azure", also known as the Sky Bar, it's on the 29th floor of some building in central, and has a balcony that overlooks the entire city, so beautiful. There was no cover to get in, you just had to buy a drink, that cost between 80-130$HK, so like 10-20$CDN. Not too bad, but not as cheap as the 7 11 haha. Thsi bar had the best music I have heard since I've been here, everything from backstreet boys, to Def Leppard, to random current mainstream stuff. It was actually packed wall to wall, and I'm sure I looked more confused than anything, as I kept being smushed up against couches and tables lol. Dix is going to feel extremely spacious upon my return to Winnipeg.

As Azure was shutting er down for the night we made an arguably bad decision to continue to stay out... The location of choice, some Hookah bar down the street where we indulged in some "mixed fruit" flavoured stuff... Definately a first time for me. Not the healthiest, but an experience to say the least. While at this establishment of which I do not know the name, we decided that we were just going to stay out until the MTR re-opened, which was 6 am... Arguably bad decision #2. Since we had an hour to kill, we wandered around the streets until we found somewhere to eat (breakfast at this point). We decided on "The Frying Pan". Arguably bad decision #3. Elizabeth told me I wasn't allowed to have any carbs so we split an omelette that consisted of eggs, salsa, taco beef, and jalapenos. After our debatably delicious "breakfast", we took the Metro back to school and called it a night. Orrr morning I guess you could say. We all slept late into the afternoon and have decided to take er easy tonight... Going to see Avatar in 3D, I honestly never thought this day would come. Time for my hot date with James Cameron himself. Until next time...

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