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Thursday, February 18, 2010

undercover laxative

latest update: Hong Kong is freezing and I don't have a warm jacket. Kill me now. To add to this craziness is the fact that our school doesn't have heat (not even a joke), and that there was no hot water today (not a common occurence, but bothering none the less).

Went to the doctor here yesterday in the nicest hospital I have ever seen. Got extremely quick and efficient service, and then cried when the dietitian went over my meal plan. Muffins, cookies, and cookie dough ice cream are to no longer enter my mouth, again, kill me now. I decided I would go get some specialty groceries that I can have in my room for snacktime and such. Turns out my friend Kyle was right, and that sugar free chocolate bars also work as laxatives... I learned that one the hard way. Enough said. I'll stick wiht my sugar free jam, thank you!

Well I have a boatload of laundry to do tomorrow, and way too much reading for my own good. I will be disposing of my other sug-free chocolate in the morning, can you blame me?

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