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Thursday, February 25, 2010

the keg... i wish.

So I thought that it was impossible for our bathroom to get any more awesome that it already was. Wrong again. I not only found my shower (I have a weird obsession with stall #2) occupied the past 2 times I've gone to use it but also got the pleasant surprise of a wad of hair the size of the palm of my hand just chillen in the bottom of stupid shower 5 that I was forced to use today. To add to that wonderfully disgusting sight was the blood dripping down the wall of the toilet stall I proceeded to use. I honestly wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. My roomate is literally repulsed by all of this, I just chalk it up to being in asia (as I do everything that weirds me out). Needless to say, I keep my flippy floppies on in the shower, hover over the seat, and don't touch the walls.

In honour of my brother's bday dinner at the keg last night, I had "minute steak" tonight. I almost cried thinking of the bacon wrapped filets, garlic mashed, and caesar salad that my family would have been devouring. Beyond that, I don't want to discuss it, you try eating "steak" with chopsticks and then come talk to me.

Random shout out to Jen for sending "trading up" on the trip with me... Finally started reading it today at the gym; better late than never.

So other than my tests (which went fairly well), the gym (which marked the first time I read anything other than a guidebook, or course material), and the library (during which I creeped on hot euros for a good chunk of my visit), today was not overly eventful... Going to the doctor at 10:30 tomorrow morning, which means this rockstar should get some sleep, don't want the doc to think I'm a junkie.

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