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Monday, February 8, 2010

special delivery

Slept in again today, needed a bigtime recovery after avatar last night lol. Went to see this lady named "vava" to talk about the whole medical "situation", ended up being an hour and a half of talking about feelings and crying, her hugging me, and me using up probably a full box of kleenex... Sometimes a good cry is all it takes to fell better again, definately the case for me. I then went to the library for a bit before giving up on reading "Smart Choices" online, and heading back up to my room. Funny thing is, I was headed to my room to get a small picture for my fitness facility card, then left my room without even grabbing one. SO I headed back up the elevator and walked out of the elevator to see this little soaking wet asian man standing in the hallway holding this huge bouquet of flowers. My first thought was "who the heck is getting flowers around here?!", until I realized that he was standing at my door... Probably for Anaise I thought, but nope, definatley my name on the tag. Turns out Josh decided to be an extreme gentleman and send me flowers from the other side of world. I guess I have a valentine lol. The only problem with these flowers was that I didn't have anywhere to put them, untillll my roomate offered up her massive almost-empty water jug. She chugged what was left of it, and we butchered it into a ridiculously classy vase. Improvisation is a way of life around here (thank god for mini scissors (elementary school style). Pretty sure I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face, still cant =)

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