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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

must be a norwegian thing.

Last night's sleep was not long enough as I had to drag myself out of bed at 7:45 to meet the boys for breakfast as promised. I had to muster up every ounce of my willpower to not get the waffles with chocolate sauce and bananas, so I made a decent compromise and opted for a muffin and banana instead; I opted out of the mystery meat that the cafe serves up, as it is definatley just that... I had "Spanish Chicken" last night, again, purely mysterious as to how there can be an entire handful of fat/skin/other questionable parts on this tiny piece of chicken, I may just return home a vegetarian. Ps. I also really really miss milk. The stuff they sell here comes from the shelf; non-refridgerated milk gives me the heebie-jeebies, so I think I'm going to have to track down some calcium supplements asap.

The flowers are still alive and well, and I'm halfway done MY big jug of water, so soon I'll have an extra "vase" lying around... Juuuust saying lol. After my 2nd class today I decided to be uber-responsible and head to the library, I lasted about half an hour before legitimately struggling to keep my eyes open, and deciding that a nap sounded like the best alternative. When I got to my room and realized that Anais was in there studying, I thought that this would make it tough for me to fall asleep... Wrong again. I had the most magical nap, one where you wake up thinking it's the morning before realizing that you've only been asleep for a couple of hours haha.

Managed to make my way to LANG 113 (Also known as introductory Mandarin for non-chinsee background students) where I was the star of the class. It migght be because I write the english pronounciation under every single word we learn and then read it out of my notebook. For example:

Hong Kong: Xianggang - pronounced "siang gung"
Technology: Keji- pronounced "keti"
University: Daxue - pronounced "dashway"

Tooo crazy for me, a lot of the consonants are pronounced ridiculously different than at home... Hopefully I won't lose my english lol. After class we attempted to study in the library, but as usual turned into a gossip and trip planning session, after which we decided to go join a group of exchangers to play soccer. After bailing miserably during our soccer game on the concrete court, I called it a day and went to get shower and clean out my battle wound (think palm of hand ripped open). Then the fam (Me, Liz, Tobias, Justin, and Ben) headed to Hang Hau so that Elizabeth could add more minutes to her phone and we could enjoy a dinner away from campus. Clearly there were no better alternatives than pizza hut. By the time we arrived the waiter told us we would only have 10 minutes to decide because they stopped taking orders at 10... Really not a problem for us as we were all hungry hippos. On our way back from dinner we stopped at 7 11 (of course) for ice cream and a deck of cards... I felt ripped off when the cards were $4CDN... After getting used to everything being so cheap here I was a bit surprised, but we decided that cards would be a suitable alternative to our frequent visits to the unibar. We also pondered for quite a while as to whether or not we should invest in another oversized tin of danish butter cookies. I was all for it, ut we decided to wait until tomorrow, I can hardly wait =)

To cap off our wonderful family outing into the city, we stopped by Unibar to meet up with everybody. I once again dug deep into my pockets for the 16$HK that a diet coke sets me back every single time, and put a lime in it as to not raise more questions about why I was "only drinking a coke", soooo over pressure to destroy my liver lol. The Unibar is always loaded with peanuts, and it has become more than a bad habit to over-indulge upon every visit... Neeeed to stopppp.

Haken having a gay-old time on the couch at Unibar... 4 beers deep. Quote straight from the man himself "I may be metro, but I'm not gay". Too funny, must be a Norwegian thing.

Jorgen trying to compete with Haken's extreme metro pose. They were trying to give us a taste of their beach poses for the Phillipines, great guys, but god help us all.

JDC West 2011 elections have begun, just read all of the speeches and cast my votes. Goodluck everyone, can't wait for Saskatoon!

Time for this cookie monster to hit the hay. Big hair is back biatches. Love it or leave it.

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