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Friday, February 26, 2010

marking my territory.

So yesterday marked the unavoidable first day that I would lock myself out of my dorm room. You might ask how this is possible, and believe me, I was asking myself the same question as I stood outside of the door rummaging though my bag on the ground in the middle of the hallway like an idiot. Apparently I left my key in my purse and just grabbed my backpack to go to class, my roommate then left and locked the door, dammit. The only reason I knew what to do in this situation was that my friend ben locked himself out of his room twice (in one day), and had told the story multiple times... So down to the hall office I went, dignity trailing far behind, and explained that I needed to be let into my room. After paying $10HK, a small asian lady followed me up and unlocked the door, god bless her soul. It was then that I found my key and let a few choice words fly.

Today was my second visit to the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, during which I managed to hold off on the waterworks; until the dietician circled my weight and told me that I had "gotten heavier" since my last visit. If there is one thing that is crushing me right now, it is the fact that this insulin is making me gain weight. SIX pounds in one week, this has got to be some sort of sick joke. Apparently I need to be at the gym twice a day for the next little while. Tonight I actually got dressed and ready to go out, looked in the mirror, and started to cry. I proceeded to take my makeup off, put my sweats back on, and tell my friends I didn't feel like going out anymore. I can't wait for everything to stabilize so I can go back to my skinny jeans, seriously.

The bathroom continues to be in its usual state of disaray, as the blood was still on the stall wall when I went in there today. I managed to snag stall #2 when it came time for my shower, during which I mayyyyy have peed a bit lol... Only in order to try and mark my territory for next time of course =)

So in an effort to continue with this stupid diet I went to the cafe after returning from the hospital and got a salad with chicken. I brought it up to my room and proceeded to dig in as usual, that was, until I saw something dark under a piece of lettuce. I lifted the leaf to reveal a worm about half the size of a bobby pin. I honestly did not know how to react, not only was there a worm in my salad, but it was MOVING. I don't know what the heck I was thinking, but it honestly hardly phased me at first, i put it on the lid of the container and continued to eat the salad (I know, I'm almost puking now just thinking about it). It was only after a few bites that I realized this thing was now crawling on the lid, it was THEN that I let out a yelp, grabbed it witha kleenex and sprinted to the bathroom where it went directly in the garbage. Again, you're going to be grossed out, but I continued to eat the salad somewhat skeptically. I'm thinking I'll take a little break from the cafe for a while, can you blame me?

Tomorrow brings one of two things... A trip to the temple of 10,000 Buddhas, or a trip to Monkok to shop like a crazy woman. Stay tuned to find out =)

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