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Saturday, February 20, 2010

nudist in 1012.

As I was lying in bed last night I realized that I had forgotten to include perhaps the most annoying, yet comical part of my day. Of course it involved my laundry debocle, as that was pretty much the only thing I accomplished. Here goes:

So I head upstairs to waste 20 minutes while my 3 loads of laundry are being done. I return down at precisely 5:33 (the time that my dryer would be done), only to find alllll of my socks and underwear out of the dryer and sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. I guess I've been spoiled by having my own washer and dryer at home for the past TWENTY ONE years... I probably wouldn't have been as bothered had it been towels or something, but I mean cmon people, have some respect for my undies geeeez. The locals here are very conservative, so I can only imagine their reaction when they entered the laundry room to see a chair piled high with lacey thongs and victorias secret underwear. Ah well, serves them right for taking them out in the first place. The best part of this was that they kept falling all over the floor when I tried to gather them off of the chair, at this point im sure I looked like a nutcase trying to pick my skanky undies off of the floor with no success. note to self: stay in the laundry room when drying clothes, otherwise they will end up on a chair, on the floor, and the talk of the common room for days to come.

For those who follow this blog regularly, you will not be surprised that I slept in until 1 today... And that my first big decision of the day was whether I should eat breakfast or lunch, as there was clearly only time for one. I opted to start off with lunch (some sort of "chicken steak" from the western cafe, with a boatload of brocolli and some rice), followed by toast with pb and jam (breakfast), soooo good. After which I chose to come up to my room and waste an hour or so, which is never difficult. I hit up the gym for a bit, trying to build up my rear-end to the size of soccer days, oh god this is going to take a while. I wish I could be one of those girls where everything they eat goes to their bums, maybe one day lol.

My roommate is again gone for the weekend, so I have the whollllle place to myself (a whole 12sq meters). More than having the space it means being able to play loud music, sleep naked, walk around naked after a shower, and try on multiple outfits without flashing my prives to poor anais. So basically, I am a nudist when she isn't here; let's hope she doesn't make a surprise return one of these days.

I got my first piece of mail from home, I non-chalantly grabbed the postcard out of the mailbox as I walked past, but I was actually giddy like a schoolgirl inside, and couldn't wait to get into the elevator to read it. Turns out Mary sent me a winnipeg postcard as requested long long ago, and even drew a picture of me devouring apple fritters and chocolate chip muffins, the girl knows me wayy too well =)

Thanks to one of my american friends I would like to introduce Boyce Avenue to any of you who are not already familiar with him... He does these crazy covers to all of these sick sick songs. Youtube it, its also on iTunes I'm pretty sure (not sure if anyone actually uses it, but just in case)

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