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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

humidity=death. literally, be careful.

the most random of random updates from hk that didn't really fit in anywhere else...

-all outdoor hallways are ridiculously slippery because of the humidity. Wet floor signs every few meters without any sign of a mop or bucket.
-i thought for sure someone was constantly peeing on the toilet seats in our washroom until I realized that it was in fact not urine, but just water thanks once again to the stupid humidity. This would also be the case for the dripping wet/slimy bathroom walls.
-everywhere you turn, they are selling ferrero rocher chocolates. No, not to tease me, but because they resemble gold and gold is a huge thing during chinese new year apparently.
-banana muffins on campus are dangerously good, and I have zero willpower (as previously stated), could get dangerous, diabetic styles.
-i continue to write postcards home a couple times a week, I'll feel better once I know they have actually been delivered.

Now onto the good stuff... I managed to clean out my war wound at 3 am last night, for those of you who are big babies and don't like details, stop reading now. Looking at my hand, you could see that under the skin it was like green/blue/blackish... Definately not a good sign, so I strapped on one of the asian flu masks and grabbed one of my handy dandy diabetic needles (ps. kidding about the mask), and peeled the skin back, then proceeded to wash it out with antibacterial soap multiple times. This was kind of difficult as the fricken taps in the bathroom stay on for literally 5 seconds, so there I am one handedly trying to hold the skin back and keep the tap on with my elbow, all at the same time trying not to wipe out on the slippppppery floor. Usually I would be a big baby and probably cry at this point, but stabbing myself with needles and pricking my figers for a whopping total of 8-10 pokes a day has made me nearly-invincable. After the whole washing out debocle, I tried to get in there with a towel to wipe some of the grossness out, didnt really work, so onto plan B, polysporin (thanks to kel) and a bandaid. While I lied there in bed after this exhausting affair I figured that based on my skills I would be applying to med school when I return to U of M. Specializing in makeshift medicine and debauchery of dirty war wounds.

Before I forget. Big shoutout to Nature Valley for keeping me alive and not letting me starve to death while I'm in Cinnamon gets a special shoutout as it is my go-to kind in the variety packs that I purchase weekly from the Park n Shop.

I'm in the process of packing for our trip tomorrow and I have to say, I am extremely impressed with myself. I have managed to fit everything into my Victorias Secret duffle bag. For me, this is extreme light travelling, my parents can vouch for me on this subject, based on the fact that they were the ones rolling my 2 big fat suitcases through the airport on the way here, ps thanks for that =). We are on a hunt to find sunscreen before we leave tomorrow, this is a crucial element of our emergency kit; which will also include adaptors, extra insulin, playing cards, and danish butter cookies. Maybe we'll throw a bandaid or 2 in there, who knows. I'm so lucky to have potentially the best travel buddies in the game, I can already tell we're going to have a blast. Elizabeth an I have decided that the boys need to take us out on Valentines day, only fair right? Okay well maybe not THAT fair, but it would be the gentlemanly thing to do, or maybe I just made that up; who knows. Anywayss...

I called this Hong Kong hospital today to make an appointment with a specialist. "Ching chong ling long wong" was my greeting when they picked up (something along those lines), my first response "Hello, do you speak english?", not to be rude, but just to check, the first lady was having a tough time so she passed me off to someone who could... Who then forwarded me to another department where I was again greeted in Cantonese and I proceeded with the same question as before lol. Within a couple minutes I had managed to make an appointment for next week, puts me a bit at ease to know I'll have a doctor here and that help isn't so far away. Although he'll probably tell me to lay off the banana muffins, dammmmmit.

Going to attempt soccer again in an hour, hopefully on the actual field this time and not on the court that destroyed my entire being last night. I don't know if I could deal with another evening of self-medicating myself with a teeny-tiny (actually ultra mini ziploc size) bag of ice, insulin needles acting as mini scalpels, and the small little square bandaids you use after giving blood. God forbid something should happen where I actually need real medical supplies, maybe I should scout out a legit first aid kit on campus. Time to stop procrastinating and read chapter 2 of mannny for consumer behavior.

Sidenote: I was excited this morning to discover that I have been checking the wrong mailbox for the past 2 weeks, and that the room number is posted ABOVE the box, not beneath it. I was even more excited when I realized that there was actually something IN our box. My excitement quickly turned to disspointment when I realized it was a copy of the school newspaper and some stupid flyers. That is all. Much love.

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