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Saturday, February 6, 2010

fanny pack=tourist to the max

So tonight looks as though I may have a hot date... With my consumer behaviour book lol. Most of my friends are heading to the Muse concert. According to wikipedia, Muse is an English "alternative rock" band from England. Apparently they're pretty mainstream in the States and super popular in Europe, I guess us winnipegers must be a bit behind the times, or maybe it's just me. There were extra tickets available for the concert, but I just can't bring myself to sit through a concert full of songs I don't know, even if the music is really really good. Of course everyone is heading out to LKF tonight; both those who are going to the concert, and those who aren't. I'm considering joining but I'm still getting over my stupid avian flu and am headache-city right now. Not to mention the fact that my prepaid phone just ran out of credit once again and therefore I am unable to contact annnnyone.

Ah well, after everyone leaves for the concert I am goin to hop on the 11M minibus and head to the Hang Hau MTR station where I can reload my oh-so classy mini asian cell phone so that I am not cut off from the hong kong world as I know it... Who knows, maybe I'll head up the escalator and engage in a bit of retail therapy. Oh wait, shopping is the problem at this point, definately not the theraputic answer, dammit.

I had some magical french toast for breakfast (at 2 pm) today... Everyone around my had theirs swimming in butter, syrup, PB, and bananas; not going to lie, it looked insanely good. I opted for the PB/banana option only. Surpringly good. Anything western tastes like heaven around here though. Well, I must go prepare for my little city adventure (don't worry mom, I'm strapping on my fanny pack full of supplies), think anyone will know I'm a tourist? lol

ps. my roomates gone for the weekend. party in 1012.

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