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Sunday, February 21, 2010

long islands. with coke zero of course.

Random story to get started off with: I was sitting here having a little itty bitty midnight snack, about to start writing this blog, when I dropped jam (well, not really jam, this sugar free strawberry "spread", but thats besides the point) on the grey sweats I was currently wearing. These would be the sweats that I JUST washed and were JUST lying out to dry before I put them on 20 minutes ago. I grabbed my tide to go pen and went at it, but based on the way they're looking now, the tide pen has failed me almost as severely as the Vanish stain remover. I have decided I am doomed in the stain removal department; and I am the messiest eater alive, so this is going to cause me some serious problems. So after attacking the crotch of my pants (where the jam landed) with the useless tide to go, I headed to the washroom to brush my teeth. A local girl came out of her stall and looked at me a bit awkwardly before washing her hands and leaving. "What an idiot", I thought. Until I looked in the mirror (ask my mom, I can't walk by one without semi-checking myself out lol) and realized that she had probably been looking at the palm-sized wet stain in the center of the crotch area of my sweats. This is when I realized how classy she must have found me, no wonder she scuttled out of there so fast.

Sooo, on to the good stuff. Last night we headed to LKF for Norman's birthday. As usual, we didn't end up getting there until probably around 1145-midnight. We congregated at Oysters as usual, where long island iced teas are always the poison of choice. The whole bar itself would be no bigger than a McDonalds lobby, but that never seems to matter. Everyone hangs out in the street outside of the open-front watering hole, drinking long islands, or any other alcohol they have managed to get their hands on. After everyone had gathered and spent some time outside of the oyster bar chatting and taking random photos (creepers like me lol), someone made the executive decision that we were going to check out the Sky bar, also known as Azure, mentioned in on eof my earlier entries. So along we went, paying the $80HK cover in the form of a purchased drink, and heading upstairs into total mayhem. I somehow got one of the asian bartenders' attention, as when I was handing him my credit card to pay for my bev, e made sure tou touch my hand really awkwardly when taking it from me... Super strange, but not too bad consdering he poured me the heftiest drink of all time; considering I only had 2 all night, I didn't complain. We once again shut the bar down, and headed out once they started to play the slow love songs at the end of the night that make everybody want to leave. We went to a club called Drop that stays open until the early morning, but got rejected upon trying to get in. They said it was full, but who really knows, we were soon over it and moving onto our next destination... The hotdog shop. Most of you would call it "street meat", or something of the sort. But this was no street meat my friends, this was a jumbo hotdog, sans bun, accompanied by only onions, ketchup, and mustard... Diabetic friendly, yes. Heart healthy, I'm not so sure. We somehow found ourselves arriving back at school/home at about 6am after dancing the night away. Not surprisingly that meant that I was going to have the most ridiculous sleep and wake up at 3:30pm today, this honestly has to stop.

Today consisted of going to the library and the gym, and then heading to Hang Hau where I had thai food for the very first time ever. It was delish. Our late dinner was made up of satay beef, some yellow beef curry, naan bread, rice, and some thai soup. Needless to say, I hope to frequent Ma Thai more often than our asian cafeteria on campus from now on. My room once again looks like some sort of modern abstract art consisting of clothes hanging to dry from the strangest of places; examples... The handle of my suitcase on top of my closet, the water pipe running down the middle of the room, my desk chair, as well as every single hook and hanger not inside the closet. Who would've thought that I would be looking forward to getting home for the sole reason of adequate laundry facilities.. Disastrous.

sidenote/funny story: Of course I slept with my sleeping mask on; for the main reason that the sun was up when I went to sleep and there was no way that was going to help in the sleep-department; but continuing on... Since I couldnt see anything under this mask, I woke myself up by quicky rolling over and bashing my face so hard on the wall that I let out a loud yelp. I then sat up, started laughing, and called myself a retard out loud... What a perfect way to start the day.

And a perfect way to end the day was my nice open faced pb&j... until it destroyed my sweatpants, followed by my dignity. Tata for now, napkins in your laps everyone.

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