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Friday, February 26, 2010

a lazy eye? perfect. just perfect.

Apparently last night's sleep was much needed, as I woke up about 12 hours after reading my book and falling asleep (first time I've read before bed in god-only-knows how long). I had the most ridiculous dream, which is the main reason I felt the need to get on here as soon as I got my lazy ass out of bed. You know when dreams have multiple components and you're not really sure how they relate in any way, shape, or form... Thats this dream in a nutshell. Here goes: Some asian girl was pouring gas throughout my entire dorm because she was "practising" to blow it up, as she was planning on doing so the next week. I felt like I owed her something, so I kept it a secret, too weird. The next part felt so real, so scary; I had a lazy eye where my pupil would get stuck facing the back of my head, or just droop down to weird places that weren't the center of my eye. I was hanging out with my friend Morgan (who happens to be travelling asia at the moment as well), and it was her that pointed it out to me, but said that "it wasn't a big deal", maybe I've been just hearing that so much lately that it's creeping into my dreams...

Everytime I visit the doctor and dietician I am the best eater on earth for a few days, today is day #1 haha, I once again had to choose between breakfast and lunch, as it is now noon and there are certainly not time for both. This was my meal of choice today, it was also my "afternoon snack" yesterday. Let me break it down for you; 1 wheatabix (terrible if eaten on its own), 1 banana (shouldn't be having this because the carb count is too high apparently but suck it), some sugar free jam (again, apparently shouldn't be having too much of this because it has artificial sweetner, but cut me a fricken break), a teeny bit of peanut butter (because I'm clinically obsessed), and cinnamon (which, finally, I'm allowed). For those of you who think this looks gross, I was with you at first, but surprisingly it's fairly delicious. And for those of you who are going to be amazing friends and so graciously join me on my diet when I return, I suggest getting used to this kind of stuff sooner than later =)

Since I opted for the sleep in, I missed the trip to see the 10,000 Buddhas, which meansI have only one option left... Shopping. How many buddhas do you actually need anyways right? Time to go get mentally prepared for a day of total credit card destruction ;)

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