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Friday, February 5, 2010

the germans were right.

Thank god I woke up today feeling better than last night. It would not even be an exageration to say that I could not swallow as I was lying down falling asleep because my throat was literally killing me (talk about drool-city). Apparently whatever that homepathic "Meditonsin" was that my german friend prescribed me did exactly what he promised, as it was only my stuffy nose that slowed me down today.

I never have classes on Fridays, so the fact that I slept in until 1130 is more than acceptable (in my new independent college student-minded way), I justify my newly appointed "lazy Fridays" by working hard all week; in every sense of the word. Studying hard, trying really hard to keep up with all of these exchangers that never sleep and never stop partying, and working really really hard to not break through the glass and devour every single chocolate chip muffin and ridiculously good looking brownie that stares me in the face EVERY single time that I go through the line at the western cafe. After my lazy morning I decided to be productive and go for a run, (not going to lie, one of the main reasons I decided to go about this today is because I was greasing it hard again and new I was going to have to shower before I went out this afternoon, so I decided I might as well get sweaty before having to shower and deal with this whole white-girl afro again. I ran about 4.5K on the track, but it hardly even seemed like I was out there for long at all; I figured this is probably because the track is right on the ocean, literally looking over the water... I was in total disbelief the whole time, running literally never looked this good.

We ventured down to central this afternoon to pick up our Chinese Visas, which inevitably turned into a(nother) shopping trip. We hit up the ladies market again, which is now one of my favorite places on earth lol. Elizabeth and I needed to pick up a few things for the Phillipines so we ended up getting sandals, sun glasses, mirrors, dresses, an a few other things. My clutch broke on me last night so I picked up another one (oliterally thousands upon thousands of purses/handbags/walletsat this place, soooo insane), and this little blouse shirt that I probably didn't need, but had no self control and ended up buying for like $7CDN. After Starbucks, Visas, and shopping, we headed back to campus to finalize the plans for our Chinese New Year trip to the Phillipines.

We booked flight to Cebu from Manila for like $85CDN round trip, and booked a hostel in Manila for the night we arrive. The lady from the travel agency through which we got our Visas called up one of her "friends" in the Phillipines and said she can get us a beach house for $500HK/night that can fit 5-10 people (~$70CDN), we just need to finalize things with her tomorrow and then we'll be set! Only 6 sleeps, team ya b*tch is counting them down biggggtime. After spending a couple of ours eating and planning, and eating and planning some more, we figured we were about ready to pack up our laptops, and put on our party hats... We ended up opting out of the whole party-hat thing and instead decided to hang out in Tobias's room until we could decide on something decent to do; this was until the University decided that it was time for Hall 1 to have a fire drill. Sidenote: the fire drills here are super intense as they have at least 10 security guards monitoring everything during this time, the security was actually so ridiculous that they wouldn't let us cross a line of security tape to get into MY hall (one WITHOUT a fire drill). We tried to argue our way into the hall but didn't make any progress, not that the security guard could understand our arguments anyways, language barrier is nottttt good times.

We hit up the UniBar for a litte bit after our long night of planning and fighting what we called exchange student-discrimination to get into my hall lol. Of course the guys were having some beers (they really can't help themselves since it is so cheap and ridiculously accessible here), but Liz and I opted to save our livers for next time. I just loaded up on aspertame from Diet Cokes instead... I figured I would upload some people pictures onto this bad boy since scenery has been the main focus thus far...

Camille, Charles, and Ben being classically Chinese in an all too familiar way haha.

Elizabeth and I,

Going to pass out and have a legitimately ridiculous sleep, tomorrow is a nerdy library day for me. Shopaholic over and out.

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