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Monday, February 8, 2010

magic in the atrium

For Hary Potter fans who have dreamed of being able to visit Hogwarts, visiting HKUST the first 3 weeks of the semester might just fill that void in your day to day muggle life. For the past week my friends and I have been desperately trying to figure out what is going on with all of the absolute absurdity taking place in the atrium... Let me put it this way, a bunch of crazy local asian students running around in capes, wizard hats, jailbird outifts, and allll sorts of ridiculous attire. To add to the weird and wonderfuly strange get-ups, these students chase people around with food trying to get their attention, as well as engage in extremely loud and very non-english cheering of sorts. It sounds like a battle of some kind, and there has never been a moment when I wished so desperately to understand cantonese lol. Below are some pictures to illustrate the unidentified campus madness, although they do the actually happenings no justice since there is no sound.

My newest overseas mission is to figure out what the HECK is going on around here so I report back to home base with some useful info. I haven't been able to really figure it out because most of these robo-students prefer to talk to locals and kind of ignore us white kids (maybe because we're being uber-classy standing around taking pictures of them like they're aliens lol).

Newest update... Soo hard to skype back home around here when it gets late. I decided that I would go to the common room to do it because my roomate was about to go to sleep, and I'm trying really hard to be considerate since she has started to work with me on the fan issue. I go into the common room to see a group of 6 local students sitting around this table playing cards. Never did I think some lame-looking game of cards could be so funny; apparently I was wrong as there was about 100 decibels of laughter in the backround every 30 seconds. No respect for the lone white girl sitting in the corner trying to call home. Jerks. Didn't even invite me into the game either, some floormates THEY are, geez. So once I realize that I am going to make absolutely zerrrro progress in the common room, I leave the room and retreat to a spot on the floor in the hallway, oh-so ghetto. So I sit there, talking to mom and dad, enjoying a little taste of home, when some girl comes out of her room to tell me that I am being "annoying", and that because of me, her and her roomate can't sleep. Being the nice Candian girl that I am I managed to keep my big fat mouth shut, but came within inches of telling her that I really couldn't take her seriously while she was wearing a pink onesie that was about 5 sizes too small. Shop at baby gap much? Annnnd now I know where this biznatch lives, wait till april fools suckkkkka haha.

P.s. the above picture isn't of the actual students that were loudly interrupting my skype calls, but I felt as though it was an accurate representation. Just saying.

sidenote: for anyone looking for a good new tune, dj earworm- united states of pop 2009. if you already know about it, forgive me for being so behind the times, and if not, enjoy.

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