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Sunday, February 7, 2010

epic discoveries in hk

Just got back from seeing Avatar in 3D... I thought it was pretty good, but I can't decide if I really liked it or not, I would've been much happier had jake returned to earth in the end. If I was american I would also be a little concerned that the movie portrays the US army in a horrible, horrible way lol. At least that's not a concern of mine at this point. One good thing came out of the movie; that is, looking at the giant (but otherwise perfect) avatar women made me want to immediately hit the gym. This is an approximation, but I'm going to go with 15" waist, 32C bust, perfect butt, and ridiculously toned body lol.

sidenote: in the mall in which we saw the movie, i made an epic discovery... Haagen-Dazn FONDUE! You get this tray of mini ice cream scoops, dip them in chocolate, and are immediately in heaven. I don't know the last part firsthand (ice cream is not very diabetic-friendly), but I couldn't imagine it being anything less.

Had a McDonalds "grilled chicken burger" from the food court... It ended up tasting more like a spicy mystery meat medley of sorts. I didn't bother asking if it was actually chicken, I didn't really want to find out. Definately should've opted for the Thai food, but that is usually also a mystery to me. Someone ship me some chicken and rice STAT. Okay not really, but I wish.

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