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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

taken for a ride. literally.

So the first leg of our journey turned out to be a bit defeating. We left campus at 6 to catch our Air Asia flight to Bangkok. After arriving in Bangkok we got into taxis to go to our hostel and the following events ensued:

-The taxi driver drove us around completel unnecessary highways to make the trip longer and his pay higher, making us pay highway tolls and screaming at us the whole time. Elizabeth finally told him that she would pay him the 800 Baht just to shut up lol. She also gave him a piece of her mind screaming back at him saying "do NOT mess with me right now, I am TIRED and LOOK at my EYE, do you SEE how red it is?! Fianlly we decided to just get out and switch taxis, at which point we decided that by the time we got to the hostel we would have like one hour before having to head back to the airport. So we showed the taxi driver our flight info and told him we needed to the airport.

-25 mins later we arrive at this dinky little airport that wasn't even OPEN. Airport security told the taxi driver where we actually needed to be so we headed back to the international airport at which we had arrived 3 hours before.

-Once arriving the drier told us it was 900 baht and Anders told him noooo way and said he knew he was trying to "fool us". He accepted 600 and we got the heck out of there. When we got inside we discovered that the other norweigna guys had agreed to pay their driver 1500 baht... Talk about no barganing skills.

-Hung out in the airport for the next 4 hours eating terrible thai food, drinking starbucks, and getting extremely painful; thai foot and shoulder massages.

-The boys didn't being with them the credit cards they used to purchase their second plane tickets online so they had to get them cancelled and re-purchase with a different card.

-Got my diabetic meal on the plane, which consisted of an apple and orange... Ummmmm no thanks.

-Went to catch the fery at which point there was pretty much a monsoon and were drenched for the nexthour on the boat that was spent sleeping.

-Finally arrived at our resort, our bungalow is literally right on the beach and it is so beautiful. I kept commenting on how beautiful it was when we were all laying down to nap upon arival, and Elizabeth told me that if I wanted to continue commenting on it I could do so outside where not everybody was trying to sleep lol.

-Time to go eat (ps. we can charge everything to the room here... scorrrrre)

over and out. beware of thai taxi drivers.

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