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Friday, March 12, 2010

definately not a midget.

Today might have been the first day so far where I actually jumped out of bed at the sound of my alarm. I made the ridiculously smart decision to stay in last night, and therefore wasn't the least bit groggy when it came time for the soccer tournament this morning. Gianni, on the other hand, got back from celebrating his birthday at 8am, and had a 15 minute snooze before showing up at the field. Dedication at its best lol. The games were only half field, and 25 minutes long, but there were teams here from both Singapore and Shanghai. The MBA team from HKUST was by far the best team out there, and the only ones in our pool that managed to beat us. We tied our first, won our second (thanks to a hat-trick from Jorgen), and then crumbled in the third, which knocked us out. All in all a great day though; made me realize how much I miss the game.

During the tournament I made a few comical observations. The first being that there was what seemed to be a 4 year old boy in a grey sweatsuit jogging on the track. I thought at first maybe he was running to his mom or something; not the case. People here tend to look younger than they actually are, s I thought from far away that this tiny person might have been 8 or so, but when he actually ran by me and was legitimately not past my hip, and most definatley not a midget, I decided that this way way too weird for me. On our way home from the field, I also came upon an older man (50-60) that was jogging around the track in jeans and talking on his cell phone. I started with the same mentality as when I came across the boy, maybe this guy was running to get something or see someone; again not the case. I also saw more PDA from the MBA students than I have in a long long time. White guys and asian girls canoodling all over the field and track; maybe a tinge of jealousy on my part, but still unnecessary lol.

Time for a much-needed shower. Hoping for no blood on the walls.

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