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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

roach-0. me-1

After my daily gym visit and my usual seafront meal of brocolli, chicken, and yams, a bunch of us headed to Sai Kung to go to "the duke of york"; some pub-ish place. We ended up making it no further than some american-looking restaurant before the boys had to "stop and eat". We spent a couple hours there, where I rediscovered the "white russian", and then to the duke...
Where we had no choice but to take the shot the bartender put in front of us; pictured to the right. We spent some time at the bar discussing extremely pertinent issues with our friend mosi (alias mos-daddy lol), and playing ____, marry, kill (ask for details if you don't know what this is haha).

When we finally returned to campus I went into the washroom before going to my room, and I encountered nothing less than a COCKROACH. I always wondered how I would react in this situation... Many of you might have thoght that I would scream and run. Wrong again. I took a good look at the butt-ugly brown intruder, and then wound up and booted that sucker all the way across the bathroom with my right knee high boot. It hit the wall and ceased to move any more. My roomate came back from the bathroom a few minutes later to tell me that she saw my "victim" in there lol. Cockroach-0, Kendall-1. I'll keep you updated on the score.

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