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Monday, March 8, 2010

where's the pool?

Again, sorry to those of you who may be miffed that it has been at least 4 days since my last update, but between Singapore and catching up on sleep, I haven't had a minute to really sit down and spit it all out...

We left capus to catch our flight which was supposed to leave at 8:30, but was delayed for an hour... So of course we had no choice but to visit the local airport starbucks. The flight was about 3 hours, almost all of which I spent working on my stupid take-home test, and taking the odd 5 minute snoozer every once in a while. We flew into the budget terminal (because we're cool like that) and took cabs to our hostel, it was located in little India and was called Footprints Backpacker hostel. The first highlight of the trip came when Elizabeth asked Jordy (the front desk guy) if she was allowed to stay there even though she didn't have a backpack... I prayed to god that she was joking lol. After being told that she was allowed to stay even though her luggage of choice was a duffel bag, she inquired as to where the pool was; Jordy must have thought that he was on candid camera or that we were special needs... I never asked as to which one, I really didn't want to know.

After getting settled in our room we headed out to "spicy thai", this restaurant in the area that was open until 4am (since we had been delayed we didn't arrive until about 130am). Lets just say that many of my friends back home wouldn't haveeven sat down at one of their tables, but at this point we were starving and had zero choice. I went to use the "washroom", which wnded up being a dirty hole in the group and of course, sans toilet paper; so one of the girls gave me kleenex, and I tried my darndest not to pee all over myself. After succeeding in my attempt, I returned to the group and mowed down on some spicy minced pork with rice and an egg; delish.

I thought that I was doing Elizabeth a favor by offering to take the top bunk in the hostel room (I thought that the bottom was where it's at), but turns out that due to the 2 old men staying in our room, she managed to get barely a wink of sleep as she feared that they might attack her in the night. I, on the other hand, was much less accessible to these creepers while on the top bunk... Sorrrry liz =(.

The next day we decided to tackle the mean streets of Little India, as well as Chinatown. I took it upon myself to bu this badass fan for $2, which broke later in the day because I was being ruthlessly sexy whipping it open and fanning myself at every possible opportunity lol . I opted out of the temple with everyone, due to the fact that I didn't want to put on a shawl and long sarong, and wandered the little street markets for a while, unsuccessful in the purchase department except for the headscarf I'm wearing in tese pictures. It was mostly touristy knickknacks that I knew I didn't really need, ut who can turn down a nice scarf? Right ladies?
After all of this we proceeded to wander downtown and see the "merlion", definately not as exciting as it sounded lol, although downtown was pretty cool, and I saw my first asian Hooters restaurant.

The place where I finally broke my fan... Too much pole dancing on the subway. Mom would be so proud =)

For the rest of Friday we visited the singapore zoo, and then stuck around for the "night safari". It was during this trip to the zoo that I needed the "reserve muffin" that Justin and Tobias carry around for when I get hungry and therefore, really bitchy. So Will, Elizabeth, and I visited the local Ben and Jerrys to pick up my sugar, and save their sanity. After the night safari we headed back to the hostel to get ready for our first night on the town. We headed to clark quay (which is the singaporean version of LKF, but cleaner... much cleaner) where I met a french Hermes intern and fell a little bit in love, but just for the night. Elizabeth wingman'd me and talked to his 30 yr old boss for a decent portion of our time in the bar... After listening to myself I'm beginning to think I owe her bigtime for the weekend lol.

The next morning started with peanut butter toast and a trip to the botanical gardens, during which I stated that I would kill myself before taking pictures of any of these plants, and that I felt like I was in a zoo with no animals. For sure the most boring part of our trip and possibly my asian adventure thus far. Walking around for hours upon hours looking at plants... Not my thing, if I enjoyed this I would've studied botany, theres a reason I'm in business people, taking pictures of random ferns, trees, and flowers is notttttt it. After eating some awesome malasian and local food we headed to Sentosa island (a large theme-park type island targeted directly at tourists). I was kind of sad we only spent a half day at the beach, but it was better than nothing. I took a much-needed nap on the beach and enjoyed the 35 degree weather, sorry winnipeggers but it's true. That night we all went out for indian food, surprisingly one of my new favorites... Curry in and around, thank you. I think I have a slight Naan addiction as well, dammit. We headed back to Clark Quay for the night and had to stop at some margarita place so that Will could have his favorite marg, Elizabeth and I just sat in awe as we had never seen a male yearn for a marg the way Will was... No judging though.

Sunday morning was spent sleeping and missing breakfast, followed by getting packed up and heading downtown for lunch. After wandering around this asian foodcourt (ridiculous variety) for a while, most of us decided on something identifiable and scarfed it down before semi-rushing to the airport. I bought a new book entitled "YOU on a diet", and read it on the plane before drifting off to sleep for the rest of the flight.

One of the downfalls of the trip is that because there ended up being such a large group of us (11 most of the time), we did a lot of waiting around for everyone to get together/meet up. I would definately say that 4 ppl is a perfect number, that way you never have to take multiple taxis or really split up or anything... Ah well, at least we know for next time. The food on the trip was amazing and I'd say we experienced more ethnic food in 3 days than we hae in all of our stay in hk so far. We had local food, as well as thai, indian, malasian, and some indistinguishable dishes. I've learned that sometimes you just close your eyes, eat it, and hope for the best; it usually turns out okay.

Definately a good trip, but not a must-see if you were on a time-restricted trip to asia. Very touristy, but verrrry clean; and strangely difficult to get taxis. Happy to be back in hk =)

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