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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wet pants. not awesome.

I sat in my first class hating myself yesterday... Whyyy did I have to put those lululemons on, why, why, why?! I'll explain myself. As you know, I had done laundry the daybefore and washed (among other things) my lulus, and then hung them on my closet door to dry. I then hopped out of bed yesterday (cutting it close time-wise as usual), thrown them on, and ran to class. The repercussions of my actions: sitting in consumer research unable to really pay attention because the only thing I was focused on was my wet bum sitting against the cold seat of the chair. Turns out the pants were not dry after all, and now I was paying the price.

Interesting diabetes update: Yesterday I ate lunch, followed by a little snack (blood sugar before all of this was 4.4), and took zero insulin. I then chatted on skype for a bit and headed to the gym. After an hour and a half of cardio I packed 'er in and headed back to m room. At which point my sugar was now 3.9. The point: after eating more than one meal, my workout broug my BS down to a bit below normal. Hmmmm, maybe all of this insulin pumping isn't necessary afterall.

Judgement and Decision Making quiz in an hour... bound to be a snoozer.

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