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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

missing cloths and diabetic french toast.

This morning I awoke to what sounded like a dying animal. So I sent my roommate in to see what the heck as going on. Turns out it was the cleaning lady screaming angrily into her cell phone while mopping the floor of the bathroom, which happens to be right next to us. This went on for at least 5 minutes, no joke. Since I was now wide awake, I had no choice but to get up and get on with the day. As usual, in the washroom I hung my washcloth up on a hook on the wall, and proceeded to brush my teeth. I then walked over to the hook and didn't really know how to react when I noticed that my cloth was no longer there... It took a moment to register, as I didn't understand where it could have gone snce it was only the cleaning lady and I in there. I looked over to see her squeegee the mirror, and proceed to wipe the squeegee on my small brown cloth, I stodd there in awe, watching my only washcloth from home be abused by this dirty piece of rubber. I opened my mouth to say something and "uhhhh" came out, as I realized that even if I explained myself and got the washcloth back, I was never going to use it again; and that I really did not want to mess with this biaznatch today. After simply splashing my face with water I walked away, wondering if this was in a way the most comical thing that has happened to me so far. There have been few times when i am in fact speechless; today was most definately one of those times.

I tackled the day with one sole mission (other than not getting my cloth sniped by the angry cleaning lady)... To have my first diabetic-friendly french toast experience. So we headed up to the cafe, sugar free pb and syrup in hand. When I ordered they told me it was gong to take "a long, long time" (their way of trying to deter me from ordering it)... I told them that it was fine, and that I would wait haha suckkkkers. Apparently I was right, as it was ready in about 2 minutes, jerks. As most of you know, I normally inhale my food; but today I ate that stupid french toast as slowly as possible, hoping it was never going to end. Totally worth the 2 minute wait, and possible reaming-out from my nazi dietician.

I am now packing for Singapore (leaving in 6 hours!), and trying to finish this stupid online test (due to the fact that for a handful of us, the system lost all of our answers after submitting it during the actual test time). Mandarin is in 1 hour but I might opt out in favour of packing for the weekend of craziness haha wooooo. This is all for now, over and out.

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