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Monday, March 8, 2010

vegetable debauchery.

So I woke up today in an undeniably good mood. I honestly have no idea exactly why... I still have no facecloth, and recently lost my full sized colgate total whitening, which is a heartbreaker; but it didn't matter. Nothing in the world could bring me down today; no diabetes, no typhoon-like winds almost blowing me away on my way to class, and not even the fact that my 9am class was cancelled and therefore I got out of bed early for nothing. Maybe the fact that I had about 2 and a half hours of cardio yesterday had something to do with it; endorphine overload perhaps? Even my judgement and decision making prof announcing to the class that my answer was "off by a factor of 10" (a LOT) made me laugh uncontrollably, I whistled while doing my laundry, and sang in the elevator... No stopping me today my friends.

While my laundry was in I had perhaps the most ghetto dorm-life experience yet. It started off with me asking a friend whether it was absolutely necessary to wash a cucumber before you eat it, to which "yes" was the reply. Hmm with no cutting board, and no legit knife it was time for improvisation... So with a clean trash bag as a cutting board and a plastic knife serving as my weapon, I went at that stupid cucumber without mercy. Needless to say, it now sits in a tupperware container in my diabetes-fridge in nicely portioned pieces begging to be consumed. While enjoying my afternoon of laundry and vegetable-debauchery I was double fisting. Yessss, it's true; with green tea in one hand and a diet coke in the other I now face the day high on caffeine- not sugar.

Sidenote: I decided to wash the grey dress I'm wearing in the pictures below,
and almost shit a brick when it came out of the washing machine with the tassles looking like they had been tied into some sort of ridiculous boy scout knot. Even this minor-disaster made me laugh today, the fact that it was soaking wet did NOT make this dreadful task any easier. So I decided to listen to some arguably badass gangster tunes and destroy that knot. Mission accomplished.

Latest news on campus: about half of the dorm rooms are now home to mould. NOT awesome. Thankfully we don't have any (yet). People have found it sprayed upon their walls, on their clothes (in their closets), on their bags and shoes, and pretty much any where you can imagine. People have even had to throw some of their stuff out because it's so bad. Needless to say, I've now become even more obsessed with the keeping the humidity level low in here.

Over and out from the laundry-hanging disaster zone known as 1012.

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