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Sunday, March 28, 2010

100% deet. uhhohhh.

Most of this week has been (we leave tomorrow nbd). I've been working out like its my job and trying to stick to this rash diet. Throwing in the odd muffin or McDonalds sundae to keep myself sane. This week proved to be a turning point as I went out to LKF both friday AND saturday night, which hasn't happened for at least 6 weeks probably. Saturday night I went out wearing a flashdance tanktop and hipping headband, and I honestly felt like I do back at home, awesommmmmme. Everyone tends to really dress up here and I think tahts why I haven't been going out as much lately. But now that I have discovered my true self once more I'm back in action full time. Elizabeth kept telling me I looked like a 7 on the retard scale but that was hoenstly fine with me. Of course the flashdance tank is going to be a staple on the trip to thailand.

Spent most of the daytime sleeping this weekend... Maybe it's because of all of the destruction taking place in the gym, or in LKF, who knows. Today was spent trying to finish this stupid judgement and decision making assignment thats due Tuesday, but we need to hand it in tomorrow. Soooooo stupid, definatley not a fan, but thats the crap that comes along with university I suppose geeeeesh.

Elizabeth and I ventured to the Ladies Market yesterday in hopes of finding backpacks for Thailand. Mission accomplished. After convincing her that getting the child-sized one because it was pink, or the slightly larger than school sized backpack was a bad idea just because it was a nice shade of blue, we settled on these "Mountain Gear" matching backpacks (mines orange and hers red). How dorky to the max are we going to look on this trip?! Hopefully the real backpackers don't make fun of us for our beginner ways =S

Ramin loaded us up witha bunch of travelling shtuff such as 100% deet (to avoid malaria in the jungle), sleeping sheets, and anti-diarrhea pills, which makes me feel a bit more prepared. He also convinced us that we should go to the school clinic before we leave and get some antibiotics to bring just in case, so we might have to do that. I have yet to pack, which is a big deal on my part since Im usually the 2 week pre-packer; obviously this place is changing me. I honestly think I'm going to come home a bit of a different girl... In a good way I hope.

Well its late late late and I'm going to call it a night, I'll update tomorrow before I leave =)

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