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Monday, March 1, 2010

christmas morning. no more fan wars.

Today is THAT day my friends. The day when I will finally blast my badass fan allllll night long; the day when my package from my mom FINALLY arrived; and the day that I may literally shit the bed based on the fact that I tried ever single aritificially sweetened product that came in that wonderfully large box from home (recall the "undercover laxative" entry). Today also marks the day that I finished my third vile of insulin EVER; insignificant to some, but a weird milestone to me.

Today I experienced perhaps my new favorite edible object known to man on this campus. May I introduce to you the Ham and Cheese croissant from the Cafe, worm-free I might add. I tell myself that besides the croissant part, this delicious creation seems fairly diabetic-friendly (on the ham and cheese front). The next wonderful part of my day came in between finishing at the library and deciding that we were going back to Mos Burger for dinner. On my wayu back to 1012, I saw Anais in the hall and she told me that my "sugar-free cookies had arrived". She probably assumed that was all that the box contained, as I had been speaking of nothing else for the past 5 days. I did one of those quick paced walks all the way to my room; the kind where you want to sprint, but you don't want other to think you are mentally challenged. I grabbed my roomate's mini elementary school-sized scissors and literally went at the box like it was my job. After struggling for far too long I ripped the damn thing open and felt like a kid on christmas morning. This heaven-sent gift contained, among other things:

-5 types of sugar free cookies (wafers, shortbread, lemon cookies, peak freans)
-sugar free syrup (so I can have french toast)
-sugar free reeses pb cups and york peppermint patties
-sugar free werthers chocolates (3 kinds)
-hair conditioner, eye cream, RSVP fine tipped pens, and shout (because vanish sucks the big one)
-laundry lines (so I don't have to be low budget and hang my clothes from the water pipe any more)

the fun just never ended while going through this package, I cannot even describe to you the relief of seeing all-english packaging, "thank fricken god" was the only thing going through me head.

We tried out "argyle mall" after eating, as we heard it was cheap, but were surprised to find out it was slightly comparable to an indoor ladies market... Made a few good purchases and ended up spending just over $20CDN, can't complain; although I think I may be a borderline addict, but we all knew that was bound to happen.

My day only improved when I took my newly-acquired fan out of its box and it was completely idiot-proof (lucky for me). No assembly, no fancy shtuff to hook up, just a plug, and an oh-so anticipated cool breeze. After setting up the fan we headed to unibar to celebrate what had turned out to be a great day. Of course, I engaged in a game of darts, and am sad to say that I am no longer undefeated. I was close, but not close enough. Even this epic, epic loss could not bring me down from the high-on-life feeling that was allll mine.

Today my shoutout goes to Elizabeth, for smuggling a chocolate sundae into the library in order to cure my borderline hypoglycemic attack. You know you're an unreal friend when...

I believe it is time for me to turn on my mitsubishi and drift off to a sleep free of behind the knee sweat and fan wars.

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