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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

now you want to RETURN it?

So, update on the washcloth front. I just went in to use the bathroom and the cleaning was in there again, of course she was on her cell phone (no idea when she does any of the cleaning). As I passed her I looked to my left and low and behold,
hanging on the exact hook where I had left it, hung my cloth. As if she had just put it back where she had found it in hope of not being caught... Like is this some sort of sick joke? Yeah, I REALLY want to wash my face with a cloth covered in fricken glass cleaner and squeegee grime. Not awesome. Just wanted to share that tidbit, as some of my friends found it funny for some reason (jerks). Also, just used my chinese straightener for the first time, the loaf is still kind of poofy, but fairly under control, for once... We'll see how long this lasts. time to get ready for the weekend in Singapore. Adios =)

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