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Sunday, March 14, 2010

the hunt is on.

So the latter part of my Saturday was an epic fail; consisting of me lying in bed for about 7 hours watching gossip girl and then losing the all mighty race against the clock for food on campus. Let me explain.

After a long morning/afternoon of playing soccer I decided I would shower and relax for a little bit. The got a little bit out of hand when I started watching Gossip Girl season 3. I should've known better than to even start, because I had zero willpower and continued clicking on the ensuing episodes. Next thing I knew, it was 845pm and I hadn't eaten since lunch at noon. I quickly threw on a pair of sweats and ran out the door. At this point I looked a complete disaster; ZERO makeup, air dried hair, sweats and a sweatshirt (lacking bra), and the trusty adidas flip flops. I went up to LG1, closed. I continued to the cafe, which had "chicken filet with tomato sauce" as their only option, which was not in the least bit appealing to me. I then took the elevator to LG5 (which I knew would be open) and barely got the door open before I turned away and started walking down the stairs. As some beautiful european boys were sitting in there eating, and there was NO way I was letting anyone I knew (especially these guys) see me in this state of disarray. So I went down to LG7, which was of course closed as well by this point. To my surprise, the Park n Shop (campus grocery store) is still open. I figure I'll just grab a microwave dinner or something, but apparently those don't exist in hong kong. I was just about to lose my mind in a hungry/angry/bitchy/low blood sugar way at this point when I spotted this mini-pizza in the freezer section. I scooped that thing up like it was a brick of gold and headed back to the dorm. I go into our 10th floor common room to use the microwave, which is of course missing, so I head down to the 9th floor, whos common room happens to be locked. I was about to give up on eating at all when I decided to give the 8th floor a chance. Score! I honestly felt like a caveman thousands of years ago on the hunt for food, and then having to come up with some way to cook it. I was almost in tears as while all of this was going on I was thinking about the fridge and full kitchen that my family would be enjoying at home during this whole debocle. Needless to say, I got that pizza in my mouth and down my throat in about 2 minutes. The damn thing even had olives and mushrooms on it (my 2 least favorite things of all time), but at this point it was all about survival; okay maybe not realllly all about survival, but it felt like it at the time.

Today was a bit better when it came to the food department, and ended up being quite productive. Sleep in, library, gym, grocery shopping, cleaning of my half of the postage-stamped size room, followed by of course some more gossip girl and green tea.

Ps. still don't have a date for this prom dealio. This event is stirring up more drama than anything that has happened on campus thus far. I would definately consider it the highpoint of our reality show, if we actually had one lol.

Enough stressing, time for sleep. I'm up to date on GG now, the next few nights will definately be filled with more shut-eye that the previous two.

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