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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the comma is back.

So I managed to drag my lazy butt out of bed for my 9am class today, and actually put some decent clothes on... I usually end up looking slightly homeless on Tuesday and Thursdays but not today people, not today. After whizzing through my first 2 classes,I returned to my room to sift through my goodies once again and call home. During the call home I decided to paint my toenails with the polishes I bought last night (3 for $10HK.. like $1.20CDN). Let me just say that I definately got what I paid for... My nails look like barney barfed all over my feet and then sprinkled on the gawdiest sparkles of alllll time. All day I've been blaming the polish, but the purple that remains on the skin of all of my toes leads me to believe that I may have been a bit at fault for the terrible application and the terrible, terrible decision to add those goddam sparkles. WHAT was I thinking, like am I going to a 5 year olds birthday party for crying out loud? Mannnn I hate tacky people like myself. Needless to say I will be visiting Elizabeth's room tomorrow to use her polish remover.

Speaking of Elizabeth and her room, I gave her about half of my sugar-free treats to keep in her room for me so that I don't immediately mow them all.. Probably the best decision I've made in a while. I was a bit resistant to let her take them away when it came down to it and I reminded her about ten times not to eat them and to tell her roomate that they are OFF LIMITS. She was laughing the whole time, probably because she's never seen anyone so attached to cookies in her whole life, but then again, has anyone?

I did my observational research today. Imagine the most boring 30 minutes of your life... I can promise you this was extremely comparable. I sat in the cafe, observing whether students appeared to include the selection of canned and bottled drinks in their consideration set for teatime beverages, and some of the characteristics of how this process took place. Needless to say, the action was next to none. I would actually get excited when I saw someone approaching the cooler, and then my heart would sink as they walked away lol. I got so involved somehow, like this was my little pet of a project. I'm over it.

After the cookie episode I went to the gym and read my book on the exercise bike for an hour and a half, much needed. My plan is to do this much cardio every single day for the next 3 weeks, because there is NOOOO way I am going to thailand a fatty. Having a good book to read honestly takes my mind entirely off of my burning bum and legs so it all works out. By the time we were done at the gym, the library was closed so we headed to the seafront restaurant to study (it's open till 2). During this study visit, I somehow manage to fling grease onto the sweats that I had decided to wear only after having them hang for FIVE days to dry. I almost snapped, nooo joke. Only after Cyril told me that everything was going to be okay, and that he would help me wash them tomorrow, did I come back down to earth and became able to study again (the weirdest things make me go crazy now-a-days).

To add to the agony of my new sweatpants being soiled with stupid chicken skin grease (that I was trying to remove), my comma key was still not working. This is when Bryan came sweeping in to save the day once again... I don't know if you remember but he's the same guy that fixed my internet the first couple days of being here when I was down-and-out, internet styles. He came down to the cafe to check out my situation, and then proceeded to go back up to his room to try and "write a program to fix it". It was at this moment that I realized I had hit the jackpot, computer problems solved for LIFE woooo. It turns out he didn't write me a program, but forwarded me some software with which you can re-map your keyboard, scorrrrrrre =) So after a somewhat traumatizing night, I am finally a happy camper, as always!

I had a completely blissful sleep last night, although dozing off was a little weird with this fan making noise on the desk right above my head; sidenote: this is in NO way a complaint. I now just need to get a power bar so I can have all of my special needs industrial appliances plugged in and somehow manage to still charge my computers and phone... Soon enough haha.

Test and paper due tomorrow, lets keep our fingers crossed =) lovvvvve from hk

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