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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

rational mexican hookers.

I have started a surprisingly interesting new book called "The Logic of Life", written by the same guy that wrote "The Undercover Economist" (for those of you who may have read it. I figured it was time to stop polluting my brain with stories of rich New York socialites "Trading Up", and move on to something a bit more... Educational? For a more educational read, this thing is hilarious; one of the many topics discussed is how mexican hookers use rational decision making in dealing with clients, and it actually makes sense! Needless to say, it isn't quite as engrossing as my previous book, but it gets the job done for distraction from my burning legs during cardio.

Today I had both my first, and my last, midterm. Judgement and Decision Making in Organizations was my task for the day, and ended up being less tough than I figured. Of course I totally blanked when it came time to compute certainty equivalents and risk premiums but that was only worth about 3 points anyways... So I should be okay. I spent the entirety of my day in my room studying for this bad-boy, leaving only once to get food before retreating back to the books.

I'm trying this new thing where I drink coffee before bed, as one of my friends told me it's supposed to help with weight loss? If not then he's just effing with me and trying to cut my sleep time, although that hasn't been an issue just yet. There are really no other updates, as the past few days have been devoted to studying. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day, and may end up being my first time out to Wan Chai on a wednesday... Wish me luck.

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