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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

this is me.

Not long ago, a good friend asked me to sum myself up in one string of words. It may seem strange but I really wanted to give this task some serious consideration... I thought for a couple of days as to how could I explain WHO I am in a single string of words... So tonight I sat at my computer for a couple of hours trying to properly articulate myself into one paragraph:

A life-lover, go-getter, and once in a while the life of the party; I live for adventure, enjoy success, but am not above failure. A significant part of me has quickly grown up, but a part of me dreams of forever staying a worry-free little girl. A big goofball, with an at-times-awkward sense of humor, I can truly say I have no shame. With a big smile and strong soul, I pursue my dreams one day at a time; and live for the sole purpose of having no regrets. This is not to say that at times I am not weak, and often need reassurance just as much as the next person. I have become humble, and now attest to the fact that life is not always fair, but also acknowledge that it is far too short to dwell on our inadequacies. Studious, but not too serious; and carefree, but still fairly careful, I go at life one day at a time. A hopeless romantic dreaming of the fairytale ending, I believe in soul mates, and not rushing love. Almost always in a contagiously good mood; I am at times temperamental and teary-eyed, only proving that vulnerability exists in all of us. Hardly perfect, but truly happy. This is me.

What's your story?

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