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Monday, March 22, 2010

zero smooching on prom night.

This past week has been a blurr, I honestly don't even know what I have done with all of my time lol. Friday consisted of shopping for a dress for prom (which I didn't find so I just wore one from home), finding a "City Super" which had a much bigger selection of sugar-free products than any store I have found so far, skipping LKF in favour of a 3 mile run on campus and a decent sleep, and dancing around my room in nothing but my undies for about an hour (don't judge until you have tried it, quite liberating).

Saturday was the day of what was dubbed "hkust prom 2010" by Ramin himself. I had a nice sleep in and then hit the track again before deciding it was finally time to get ready. I attempted to straighten my hair, but once again the weird weather here didn't really cooperate with me lol.
At exactly 7 oclock the evening began; schedule of events to follow (directly from the fb event's page):

Ramin Ghaneeian March 19 at 12:47pm Reply
Hey Everyone,

The time has finally come. Moses Jooharian has been waiting for this moment since 1989. Prom Night. The Game Plan is below.

7:00pm - Girls meet in Hall 7 for a girls pregame
Guys meet in Hall 6, 10th floor common room for a guys pregame

7:45pm - Girls come to Hall 6, 10th floor common room for THE pregame

8:30pm - We get in taxis and go to Lawry's Steak House in Causeway Bay

After Dinner - We go to Club Mint in Soho

Allow me to elaborate...

Girls pregame: Go to hall 7 to be met by bottles of both rum and vodka, as well as coolers and redbull to get the night started. Get decently boozed up before making the trek to hall 6 to meet the guys (since they refused to be gentlemanly enough to come to our pregame location)

THE pregame: Let the boozing continue, champagne is popped and a toast to Ramin is made for planning the evening (anticipated). Before we know it we are outside getting into 7 taxis all lined up waiting for us.

Dinner: Sooooo good. Choice of either prime rib, sea bass, or pasta. Accompanied by copious amounts of wine. Personally, I chose the fish... Best (maybe only good) choice of the evening lol.

Mint: Good from what I can remember. Bottle service. House music. Manoj getting pushed into a table and breaking a $400 (US) bottle of champagne. Me "losing" my camera for it to be later recovered in tania's purse. Elizabeth searching the floor of the club (lights off) for one of her fake eyelashes lol.

Post Prom: Making the cabbie stop at sev so that I could get a snickers dark (only to prevent hypoglycemia of course =). Eating a cup of noodles from the cending machine flavored "curry seafood", almost barfing when I saw it sitting on my desk in the morning.

Sunday was spent laying in bed recovering and having the biggest cheat day of my life. It also played host to the first time McDonalds has touched my lips since I've been away from home. It had the usual effect, great at first... Not the best an hour later. My roomate returned from the city at 6 am to find me half naked sleeping on top of my sheets only to ask "you're taking a nap?", to which I of course answered yes... A 6 hour long nap bahaha.

SO I've been looking for yoga on campus ever since I got to this place, and today I see this booth set up that has a poster saying something about the Health and Fitness courses the school offers (which I know has something to do with the yoga here) so I go up to the table and ask "Hi I was just wondering if you have information about the yoga classes?", which is followed by these 3 asian students giving me the blankest stares of my life. So I stupidly do this ridiculous yoga pose with my hands above my head and say slowly and loudly... "YO-GA?". One of them then turns to me and says (in perfect english) "ummm we're from the orchestra club". Well I took no time turning and getting the hell away from there, I still ask myself whyyyyy the damn orchestra club would have a poster talking about the health courses... If only everything was in english.

I also had the pleasure of having my student card run out of money in the process of doing laundry today. Perfecccccct. So I ask this asian guy in the laundry room if I can reload it on the ground floor of our building, to which he responds no and tells me I have to go to the machine at LG7. On the way down there I run into these american guys who tell me I can in fact reload the card in my building, but after making half of the trek I just continued to the more distant LG7. I have said before that I had never seen so much laundry hanging everywhere. LIE. Today is the ultimate worst with clothes strewn everywhere in an effort to be dried on the asap.

So this has been my past week in a nutshell. I'll be sure to throw up some updates if anything comes to mind =)

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  1. ahahah. Kendal you are a Gem and a half! Orchestra Club. Actually Lmao! Love uuu,