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Saturday, April 3, 2010

thailand part one. madness.

As I sit here on the ferry from Koh Tao to Koh Samui, documenting my last 5 crazy days in this country, I sip a cold Thai beer (Singha to be specific), looking out at the water, I have come to realize everything that is wrong with big city life… Too many honking cars, hair straighteners, and concerns. This is where I need to be, bigtime.

Its official, I survived the full moon party. Some of you may have doubted my abilities to control myself on a beach with upwards of 20,000 people decorated in fluorescent paint, consuming copious amounts of alcohol out of little buckets; and in fact you would be fairly accurate.

Our first night on Koh Panghan began with a nice dinner on the beach followed by some artistic efforts on our part (body painting), and some drinks at the resort bar (appropriately named ‘Heaven’. We got in a taxi and headed off to the party around 11pm. I don’t know exactly what it was that I expected, but this wasn’t it. Groups of people decked out in neon and beach attire crowded the street as we approached the beach, and there were tables full of mini buckets containing a small bottle of alcohol and a can of pop as far as the eye could see. We hopped off of the taxi and began what was perhaps one of the most epic nights of my life.

Before I knew it I had a Sangsom (thai rum) and diet coke bucket in hand and was headed for the beach. We were lucky because 2 schoolmates of mine from Winnipeg were on the island at the time (their family owns the resort we were staying at) and took us to the party.
The entire beach was packkkkked with people partying like it was their job. Most of the people were sporting fluorescent paint like ours, pretty much a highlighter party lol. Before I knew it was had run into at least 15 other people from HKUST and were dancing on tables along the beach, which of course I managed to fall off of (so typical).
On that note, I should probably share that I also managed to slightly bail down a set of extremely steep stairs in “Drop in Bar”, but some lifesaving gentleman that was at the bottom caught me and broke my fall (typical once again). I honestly don’t even know where the night went because before I knew it it was 4:30am and I was eating the most delicious crepe of my life with Manelle and Pascale, and getting a taxi back to the resort.

I should probably add the sidenote that both Liz and I discovered the true quality of our stupid ladies market sandals at the full moon party, considering one of each of ours BROKE while on the beach…. Perfect. A friend of the twins somehow got Elizabeth a pair of white Havianas from some place on the beach which she realized in the morning were too big. Me, on the other hand, took the very classy road of going home with no shoes at all lol. This meant good things for me however, since she gave me the sandals in the morning, Not all of our friends had as good of a time as us... We found both Hakon and Anders passed out on the beach at some point, and anders again on the concrete somewhere on Haad Rin. I also need to thank Manelle and Pascale for talking me out of getting a tattoo on the beach, which for some reason I was convinced was a good idea lol.

Upon arriving back at the resort I stormed into Jorgen’s room convinced that he had somehow misplaced our room key, I’m pretty sure I yelled at him for a good ten minutes before going back to where we stashed the key, and finding it exactly where we had left it lol. I guess that’s what 2 buckets will do to ya.

I woke the next morning (afternoon actually) in an extremely sandy queen sized bed, realizing that I had apparently opted out of a much needed shower the night before. Upon finally dragging my butt out of bed I noticed a huge gash down the right side of my stomach, a huge gash on my foot, some scrapes and bruises and my leg, and a weird pain in my right knee. Needless to say, the full moon party definitely meant total bodily destruction on my part. The worst.

The day was spent recovering (inside and in the restaurant since it wasn’t the best weather), and having an unreal steak dinner on the beach after sunset. Of course, everyone decided they wanted to go back to Haad Rin to party. I made the executive decision not to consume any alcohol and stuck by it the whole night. Good thing, because it turned out to be the most drama filled evening since I’ve been in Asia. None of it involving me for once, but being the only sober one of the group, I definitely paid the biggest price. After convincing everyone at around 4am that we should head back, we jumped in a taxi, Jorgen and Anders decided they were going to hang onto the back and ride on the bumper… I’m pretty sure I almost had a heart attack because I was SURE they were going to fall off. At one point Elizabeth, drunk and emotional, decided that she was going to storm off of the taxi and into some random place to use the washroom. Anders jumped off and went to go get her. He walked into the building, not removing his shoes, and was immediately grabbed by these 3 thai guys who had him in a choke hold and started kicking him in the back and pushing him… At this point I practically peed my pants because I was so scared for him, and bothered that either of them had gone into this building in the first place. Finally Elizabeth came out, Anders shut his mouth, and we continued on back to the hotel. Sidenote: there was this one girl at the beach party that couldn't have been older than 14, and she was practically seizuring on the dance floor (her take on dance moves I guess), I personally saw her make out with 3 different guys, and this was in a matter of an hour. My guess was either lady-boy, or hooker, never did quite figure it out.

Unlike anyone else, I was feeling great the next morning. Manelle and Pascale’s mom (the resort owner) had to come knocking on our door to wake us up for our taxi the next morning. We got all packed up, and caught the taxi to the ferry.
We arrived on the ferry in Koh Tao in the afternoon and got to our beautiful resort (Bans Diving) just in time to catch a couple of hours of sun. After dinner we ventured over to Lotus Bar, where there were tonnnns of young backpackers like us. Sidenote: a ridiculous amount of Scandinavians here, all pretty goodlooking if I say so myself. At this point we had met up with another group of 4 from UST staying at our resort… a couple of the girls and I bought some jewelry on the beach and headed back pretty early.

I decided to leave the door to our room unlocked since Elizabeth didn’t have a key, and when I got woken from my sleep at about 2 am I was greeted by none other than Hakon and not Elizabeth. Apparently Jorgen wasn’t back yet and Hakon had no key and wanted to know if he could sleep in our room till Jorgen returned. This guy was being at this point, which royally annoyed me, but I said yes. He then asked me if I had a cigarette (again, annoyed), I said no. He then told me he was really sandy, so I told him he had to shower before getting anywhere near our bed. Apparently he needed a full hose down, since we still ended up with a small beach of sand in the bed. The shenanigans just continued for the next 20 minutes filled with drunk rambling and him asking me for a hug and if I was wearing a thong lmao. It was at this moment that I took him pillow and literally put it on the opposite edge of the bed and told him to lie there and not move. Elizabeth returned minutes later (thank god) and I told Hakon that he had to go, he got really angry but anyone who knows me knows not to mess with my sleep lol. The next day he felt bad and said he was going to buy me flowers to make up for it, but I said I’d prefer he just promise never to do it again and that I was going to warn every room to keep their door locked from now on.

Yesterday we took a taxi boat with Tania, Boonie, and Laura and went to Koh Ngan Yuang for the day. It’s comprised of a couple tiny islands connected by a strip of sand and is only about ten minutes from Koh Tao. We wanted to get our tan on, and boy did we everrrr. Let’s just say that even though I religiously put sunscreen on every 45 minutes, many parts of my body still fried. Weird parts too, like the inside of my thighs, and the tops of my hands. Booooo. By 5oclock we were more than ready to head back to Koh Tao, I was sitting on the pier trying to cover up as much as possible with my towel for what seemed like forever; our boat driver was in no rush apparently. To make this story even better, our boat broke down about 10 times on the way back to the island. And any boats that approached us to help, he just waved away. I actually started to cry for about ten seconds, before it turned to laughter. I had just wanted so bad to get back to the resort and slather my body in aloe that it was almost comical we were stuck in between the two islands with a bum motor.

Upon arriving back on the island (finallllly) 4 of us decided we were going to get Aloe Vera massages. Oh My God. Cold aloe vera being slathered allll over my body actually felt like heaven on earth. And then they did some strange Thai stretch things with us… Tania couldn’t stop laughing, but I was just worried she was going to snap my neck lol. I then proceeded directly to the little convenience store and bought a bottle of cooling aloe gel that I have used half of haha. Last night I was literally applying it every half hour, I just want this sun burn so go awayyyyy. Last night I put it in the fridge and was again in heacen as I slathered it all over my body this morning, although the burn already looks sooooo much better and it’s really only the back of my neck that’s really red. I do not need to be fricken burnt for the jungle… that would be the worst evverrr.

Today the strangest thing happened. I was sitting using the computer in this little internet cafĂ© type thing along the street and saw 2 girls I knew from Winnipeg walk by on the street. I went to go outside, but by the time I got there they were nowhere to be found, small small world. So that brings everyone up to speed on what is happening in my life right now. I refuse to leave this place without having a traditional Thai massage, so that’s my mission for tonight haha. I am now done my beer and am going to take a nap like every other person on this ferry. TaTa for nowww =)

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