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Thursday, April 29, 2010

special delivery.

One week ago today a special delivery arrived in Hong Kong.... BONNIE! I walk into the airport and we run towards eachother with open arms like idiots out of a movie,
I'm sure all of the asians though they were on candid camera or something. The next couple of days consisted of everything from daily workouts together, to Bonnie's first night out in LKF (including absinthe, ridiculous fruit crackers, and a night at the Cosmopolitan Hong Kong), a trip to the Peninsula for some overly-pretentious, over-priced "high tea", to some crazy shopping binges at the ladies market, as well as temple street. Highlights of her visit so far are as follows:

-Bonnie requesting a booze stop only hours after arriving, this was at 10am. We then proceed to the campus grocery store where we pick up mini bottles of wine that we drink on the bus and MTR on our way to the ladies market. so classy.

-Sitting on the step of a closed store in Mong Kok, drinking beers from 7eleven, Bonnie struggling so hard to open hers that she broke the tab off and proceeded to drink it through a straw. amateur.

-The two of us saying "riiiighhhht?" at the end of every sentence to the point that people around us were probably feeling sick to their stomachs.

-Getting dressed up for high tea, but getting so impatient waiting in the long line that the girls went and got Starbucks.
If this doesnt seem weird to you, imagine waiting in line somewhere comparable to the Fort Garry, but nicer, for the most pretentious tea party in allll of Hong Kong, while sipping out of a paper starbucks cup, and chowing down on a "Croc Monsiour" fresh from the microwave. Once again, my friends are ALL class.

-Bonnie and I busting a move in one of the shopping stalls along temple street as soon as good music came on, the girls in the shops around us start screaming and laughing and joining in. epic.

-The two of us getting taken upstairs into some secret room in a building bordering the ladies market. BLACKMARKET.COM. A large room, every wall equipped with shelves piled alll the way to the ceiling with purses of every brand you can imagine. And in the middle of the room, a huge table covered in watches, wallets, and shoes. We were pretty sure we might have died and gone to heaven. We wanted a picture, but pictures weren't allowed, for obvious reasons lol.

-Bonnie being the biggest pimp in the city and attracting gentlemen to pay for her tabs everywhere she goes, without even trying. Thank YOU!

All in all, the visit seems to havve been a success so far, and she still has three more weeks to go. We'll see how long her black runners last lol.

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