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Friday, April 16, 2010

the glucophage debocle.

Yesterday marked another visit to the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. Usually the visits tire me out and I need a good rest, but this visit just took the cake. I had two appointments, one at 10:00, and one at 11:30. I would first like to give a shoutout to Tania who called me at 9:20am to tell me that she had lost her camera, but in reality, acted as my alarm clock. My response "omg what time is it?!", her reply "9:20", my response "oh shit, click".

Sidenote: I accompanied her to several stores to purchase a new camera today, being the best shopping companion in the game, I owed it to her.

So after jumping out of bed, haggared as ever, and still a little 3-drink drunk from the night before, I ran to the top of the hill to catch the bus to the MTR. It was only now that I realized I had no octopus card, but thankfully had change. Having to stop and buy a ticket at the MTR station really slowed me down, I was quite unimpressed at this point.

Once that train stopped at the Kowloon Tong station, I took off running, literally. Picture this: it's raining, all of the little asian people are walking unimaginably slow as per usual, holding umbrellas since it has now begun to rain. Above the heads and umbrellas I am running through the streets of hong kong like it's my job, dodging umbrellas that are literally smacking me in the face, getting soaked, and having a hard time seeing because my glasses are being relentlessly pelted by raindrops, all the while being a strange mixture of drunk, tired, and hungover,

After spending a few hours in the hospital, and seeing the doctors, it was time to get my prescription (the main reason I had to go in the first place), and go.

The procedure goes as follows: receive the prescription from the doctor, hand it to the pharmacy, pay the cashier, adn then bring your receipt to the pharmacy to collect the meds. Easy enough right? Especially since I've done it at least 3 times before. Apparently not.

I finally get it from the doctor, hand it to the pharmacist, go and pay for it, put the receipt in my purse, and leave. It was not until I was almost all the way back to school on the MTR that I realized I had topped the idiot scales, and left the hospital without my meds. "Wowwwwwwww" I said aloud on the train. I stood there for a second considering whether I REALLY needed to go back, until I realized that NOT getting the prescription was most definately not an option. So back I go to HK Baptist, wet, tired, hungover, and hating my life.

Sidenote: I have never wanted so badly to grab someone's umbrella and stab them with it, right through the heart, for the sole reason that it was near my face and impeding my ability to get somewere fast.

Upon returning to school after missing all 3 of my classes thanks to this Glucophage debocle, I ate some french fries and took the day off from the gym. I figured that at this point, I deserved it.

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