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Saturday, April 10, 2010

red shirts. suck it.

So I survived the jungle trek, and a few days in bangkok. Don't worry, i will fill you in on every single detail once I return to Hong Kong, if I even make it there... For those of you who haven't heard, Thailand is in a state of emergency right now as there are huge riots of protestors who are anti-government and want the prime minister to step down... Needless to say the city is a mess. We decided to not even leave our hotel tonight, less than a couple kilometers away from Kaosan Road (where we, as well as almost every backpacker in the world it seems, are staying) over 500 people have been injured and sent to hospital, with 5 dead. I can't adequately describe the madness that is Bangkok right now so check the links below for more info. I guess I won't be making it to the ping pong show, ah well.

ps. also had my first encounter with tear gas today, stupid red shirts.

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