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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

you rack disaprine. angry asians.

So it has been a few days, my apologies... Things have been a little hectic.

Friday: Went to Kowloon Tong mall to try and get people to fill out survey's for our marketing project, BAD idea. I've never felt uneasy about approaching people, but I had a strange incling that people here wouldn't be too responsive. Boy was I right.

The first guy Kim approached actually answered the whole survey, so we thought we were in lcuk...
All downhill from there, no joke. Kim practically got into a yelling match with some lady who was being really difficult, Tania ended up surveying a guy wearing a pink backpack and orange glasses, and a 21 year old american exchange student (our target was 45 year old professional family men lol), and I kept getting repeatedly shut down by angry asian jerks. I hate rejection.

The day ended on a brighter note with a nice meal at our oh-so-classy favorite asian restaurant, Mos Burger; as well as a moneyyyy purchase at Fortress of a wireless keyboard and mouse for my stupid laptops, which have both failed me. My regular laptop has a malfunctioning keyboard that continues to have more keys that don't work, as well as a touchpad that keeps crapping out on me and
a screen that won't turn on half of the time; while the keyboard on my netbook has also recently stopped working, kill me now. The kicker, is that the only keyboards I could get have chinese characters all voer them in addition to the regular letters, I asked if they had any plain keyboards, but the asian salespeople just laughed at me, seems to be a common occurence here. No mercy for the tall white girl.

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