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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

awkward? never.

Saturday marked the day I would take a major risk by getting my hair cut in Hong Kong. I must've googled for hair salons catering to westerners for hours before finally waving the white flag and realizing that there was no hope for me. A couple of exchangers had previously gone to "Salon Esprit" to get their hair cut, so I decided that was going to have to suffice as background information, and headed on down.

The first lady I tried talking to had to go get another employee who could speak english... At this point, any rational human being woulc've turned and walked out the door, but of course not me, I had to try and tough this one out... What an idiot. Turns out that my stylist can in fact speak english, I send up a thank you to the gods. I proceed to tell him how much I want cut off, at which point he talks me into getting a package that includes this moisturizing treatment as well as a pedicure, why the hell not right? WRONG. It turns out that this "pedicure" came with a bunch of strings, they asked me if for 100hk I wanted my calluses removed (which arent even bad by the way), ummm $13CDN for that, no thanks you sheister. Can't escapoe these people, really.

So after telling the stylist multiple times to stop cutting he finally listened, and sent me off with a young-ish asian boy wearing nail polish to get my hair washed. BEST 10 MINTUES OF MY LIFE; full sclap MASSAGE that I honestly could've endured forever, it was magical. If I was mega rich I would fly this emo asian kid across the ocean to wash my hair on the daily, no joke.

I leave the salon, $130CDN later with my moiturized, cropped hair, and my pink sparkly pedicure, ready to rip up the black and white affair also known as Tania and Laura's bday boat ride that night.

I had 30 mins to get ready, and to what will be great surprise from those who know me back home, I made it with time to spare, and even managed to shove a sandwich down my throat before boarding the boat for a night of sugarfree redbulls and vodka, and total debauchery.

Surprisingly enough, I survived the ridiculously unsteady boat ride in my 6 inch heels without falling even once, ohhh the things those sf red bulls will do for ya. The night eded up at Azure as usual, and after an $80hk drink, it was on to complete dance floor destruction. I think I even got kicked off of a table at one point, awkward? Never.

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