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Friday, April 16, 2010

Wan Chai - balcony barfing.

This past Tuesday I made my "Hong Kong to-do List", consisting of things around the city that I want to get done before I come home. The list consisted of many things, among them were: go for tea at the Peninsula hotel, see the skyline light show at night, hike in Sai Kung, and "Visit Wan Chai - get fucked up". This last little tidbit following Wan Chai was only added for some comical relief, but ended up getting checked off, not even on purpose. The story goes:

I had decided earlier on in the day that for the first time ever, I was going to join the crew that night in Wan Chai. Around 10pm we all met up in Ramin's room for the pre-game. Since I had previously stated that I was not going to drink and instructed the boys to not let me do so, I showed up with 2 sugar free redbulls in hand. Upon arriving at the bar just before midnight I decided to get a vodka water from the bar (since it was ladies night and girls get in and drink for free).

1 drink later and I was destroying the dance floor.

1 more after that and I was sitting on the patio/balcony barfing like it was my job.

Disturbing, I know. I have no idea what the heck happened, those of you who knew me in my drinking prime know that 3 drinks wouldn't even get me warmed up, apparently I have become a lightweight, I never thought this day would come.

The guys were sure that I was sick because I was low on sugar, and proceeded to run across the street to 7 11 to buy me ice cream and sat there feeding it to me like a little baby, while I proceeded to spit it out, telling them I didn't want it (first and only time that I will EVER turn down ice cream, guaranteed).

Not only did I get strangely drunk off of a ridiculously small amount of alcohol (maybe I shouldn't have asked the bartender for more vodka?), I somehow managed to lose my ocotopus card, as well as my driver's license (that I brought along for ID). Thankfully I didn't bring my credit card, mom and dad would prrrrobably have made me join some form of chinese AA... "My name is Kendall and I have a problem. That problem being that your shitty bottom of the barrel vodka and crappy bartenders have now ruined my life. Thanks for nothing."

I managed to get home in one piece with team india and boonie. They later told me that they got to enjoy the smell of my vomit the entire cab ride home... Sorry guys.

This story is bothering on so many levels. I had previously help up my end of the bargain I had with myself... To not puke in Hong Kong. Had it been necessary that I break this promise, I would have preferred it be in a toilet, and in private, not on a balcony at a crowded bar, with my head between my legs. Classy as ever. NAT.

Sidenote: not that it makes it any better whatsoever, but I would like to note that there were 3 other girlfriends of mine, and one male friend that joined the puking symphony that night. One of them barfing on a friend's lap on the cab ride home. Suckkkkka.

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