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Thursday, May 13, 2010

some sort of pokemon haircut.

Two sidenotes I felt compelled to share:

I don't know how I did not announce this earlier, but my roomate's boyfriend has been in town since last Friday, meaning only one thing, solitude for me, finally. SHe has been styaing with him in a hotel in Mong Kok, which meacns that I have had 7 glorious nights of sleep to myself, butt naked, and in complete and utter peace. He's here until Monday, meaning tha I have the room to myself until I leave, halllllelujah!

I saw Kevin yesterday and proceeded to comment on his new hair cut, it was a lot shorter, but looked good. He proceeded to tell me that he went to the salon on campus and they "completely butchered it", so he had to get Mosi to buzz it all off. I inquired as to what sort of butchering took place, to which he responded that he was given "some sort of Pokemon haircut" bahahaha. He later went into further detail explaining that he felt like fricken Pikachu. ahhhh only in hk.

over and out. big day tomorrow.

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