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Thursday, May 6, 2010

mystery man.

Funny story I just have to share. So those of you who know me well know that asian guys usually aren't my thing. Hence the reason that I haven't had to keep my pimp hand too strong over here in Other than the exchange students we don't get exposed to too many western guys over here, so about a week ago, when from the back I see this sharply dressed white guy walking across the bridge to the elevator. Next thing I know I am literally speedwalking across the bridge to try and get in the same elevator as the mystery man. Anyone who could see me probably thought I had lost my marbs, and was the hugest creeper in the game; practically running through campus likeit was my job. Although I had just come from the gym, so maybe it looked like I was trying to get some exercise? Who knows. Point being, I finally make it into the elevator and the long-anticipated moment of seeing John Doe's face is finally here. I have to admit, all of the running didn't end up being worth it... Not as boss as I was expecting. The moral of this story, get me out of here before the presence of unfamiliar white men drives me absolutely bonkers.

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