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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

liz beast is gone.

Today marked a sad day. Elizabeth left to go back to LA for graduation. To most people here, it wasn't as tough of a day as it was for me... See, liz beast is coming back next thursday to write finals, but I'm leaving this sunday, meaning that today was the last time I will see her until I visit LA in August.

I had a little sobfest of my own after she left, she had given me a letter and told me not to read it until she left, for reasons now evident.
Bawling like a little baby, I read the letter to mos. She said she didn't read my email because she didn't want to cry in the airport, ahhh waterworks alll over hk. I feel like we've broken up or something, I guess I've just never spent so much time and grown so close to someone over a period of time, only to have them leave and know that I won't see them for months to come... It's a lot harder than I thought. 90 days and counting =)

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