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Friday, May 7, 2010

hong kong brushing style. bothering.

8:30am - Drag my ass out of bed in hopes of making it to my marketing group meeting on time.

8:35am - Realize that people here brush their teeth in the most bothering way known to man. I'm standing at the sink, and look to my right only to see this girl bent directly over the sink, brushing away like theres no tomorrow, which is fine, I'm a fan of oral hygiene as well. But, her mouth is completely open and she is letting the toothpaste just fall out of her mouth as she's brushing, I have never seen so much foamy toothpaste in my life. This goes on for MINUTES. It's like a bad car accident, I didn't want to, but I just couldn't stop watching. If this does not give you the creepy crawlies, then once home, I will demonstrate the "hong kong brushing style" for you, you will never look at a tube of Colgate the same way again.

8:55am - Email my group to tell them I will be late, as there is no chance in hell of my making it to barn B in 5 minutes.

9:30am - Wonder why I even showed up for this meeting, based on the fact that all of my local nard groupmates are conversing in Cantonese, and semi-rudely butt in, asking them what we are talking about, and what exactly the problem is.

The next hour and a half continues on as such, cantonese chatting like it's their job, me sitting with my head in my hands, an abundance of blank stares at the "fishbein model" table that is up on the computer screen, with nobody saying anything. I had had enough and was like "okay so what's the issue here?", immediately wishing I hadn't. A million dumb ideas come spewing forth from one group member in particular, who also has the tendency to "suggest" things that had JUST been decided on like 5 minutes prior, soooooo over this. Finally the meeting ends with me being appointed to handle the Q&A in our presentation on Monday, and for some stupid reason, me offering to draft a copy of the recommendations section (6 pages, idiot much?).

Following this retarded ordeal disguised as a meeting, was a ridiculous, much needed recovery nap.

1:35pm - Wake up (once again) to go to some marketing experiment, during which we are asked to drink an entire cup of milk tea which "consists of black tea sweetened with evaporated milk", umm diabetic disaster? i think so. I explain to the experimenter that I can't drink the whole thing, but could maybe just have a few sips. She tells me to "just hold it" instead. Weeeeeird.

3:05pm -Meet lizbeast in the cafe for some diabetic-style french toast. Almost non-diabetic based on the fact taht the lady was half a second away from squeezing this big thing of honey all over it, it was literally a scene out of a movie, me running towards the counter yelling "nooooooooo", as if my life depended on eating those exact 2 slices lol, funny now, nerve racking at the time. She stops in the nick of time, and I happily break out my sf syrup in the oh-so-classy plastic bottle.

4:05pm - I am now searching through the halls for room 4218k, in which my next experiment is supposed to take place. I find 4218, and go inside, its a small hall with a collection of small rooms, assigned letters A-I. Hmmmm no K? Some little chinese girl joins me in the serach for the mystery experiment location, no dice.

4:25pm - I return to my room to send an angry email at this stupid experimenter that chose the most ridicuous non-existant room on campus to conduct research. Followed by me writing this entry. That is all for now.

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