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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Epic day. For some retarded rason I chose the day 10 days before I leave to start using our air conditioner. Better late than never I guess, but still an idiot move to wait so long. I never thought I would appreciate cool, non-disgustingly humid air so much... The little things that will make me happy when I return home.

Speaking of home, my professor decided to FINALLY respond to my email, 9 days later geeeeez. Based on the fact that he granted me an early exam, I was able to move my return flight up to May 16th. That means ten sleeps until Winnipeg's coolest diabetic returns home.... look out.

Next week might prove to be my most hectic week as of yet. A total of 4 exams, one presentation, and one paper. I'm praying to the gods to send me some intense work ethic over the next 8 days lol. Time to go back to my nard-bomber marketing project, the worst. Haagen Dasz of Ben and Jerrys? Whooooooooooo cares?!?

ps. i continue to boot cockraoches and large insects when they cross my path. represent.

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