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Monday, May 3, 2010


Wow. Today marks my 70th post, seems so crazy to me. I remember sitting in the vancouver airport on my long journey over here, trying to decide what my first entry would be. Three and a half short months later, the ups and downs of my entire hong kong life can be accessed by one single link. Unreal.

Today is a special day for another reason. We handed in our ad and promotion project, which means no more group meetings every day, and one less thing to worry about. perfect. I also took the liberty of sleeping in since my consumer behavior class has no more lectures wooooooo. Had a nice workout in the gym, and am now headed for a couple of hours of soccer with the boys (for which I decided to mow some serious oatmeal and an apple due to the fact taht I was low after the gym, the worst, since carbs are kind of the enemy at this point lol).

I'm being a huge tool and listening to the glee soundtrack as I write this which can only mean one thing... Wayyyyy too much time on my hands haha. Time to playyyyyy. Aurevoir =)

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