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Friday, May 14, 2010

goodluck and goodbye.

Judgement exam this morning... killed it. No joke. I was done the two hour exam in barely over an hour. Now THAT ladies and gentlemen is preparation at it's finest. 4 perfectly constructed long answers, and 18/20 sure mutilple choice questions later, I left my VIP exam with a larger-than-average smile on my face...

Alllllmost there I thought. I then proceeded to the lab to finish my marketing assignment that I thought was due at 6pm. Surprise, it's due at noon. As I look at the clock on the computer reading 11:46, I literally break a sweat. I decide that this is an appropriate time to email my teacher and pull the diabetes card. Ahhhh the d-card, always a reliable weapon in any situiation. I explain to her that since I've had to change my exams around due to an unforseen medical emergency, I had mixed up the time the assignment was due. The outcome: perfect. She immediately replies, telling me that it is no problem and just to get it to her when I am done, along with her best wishes for a safe and healthy journey home. For anyone who is shaking their head right now, until you stab yourself repeatedly on a daily basis, don't judge... You'd pull the card too.

After that debocle I return to my room to find my roomate and her bf here, getting their things ready to go away for the weekend. I'm sitting here wondering how strange this goodbye is going to be. We're not really friends, but we've lived together for the past 4 months, I sat here awkwardly waiting for them to get up to leave... Then the moment comes, well I guess we'll be leaving now, she says. "Okay well I guess I won't see you again then?" I respond, "No, I won't be abck until Monday"... Well thissss is just getting weird now, I contemplate going in for the forced hug and decide that it has been way too long to just shake her hand, so I get up and go in for the hug, thankfully she gave me a little squeeze back... It could have been an epic fail on my part otherwise. We exchange goodluck's and Goodbye's and thats the end. 4 months of too much silence, a few arguments, and many awkward moments later it's all over. SO strange.

I am now working on my final school-related task for the semester. A take home, open book marketing exam in which I have to create a sales promotion for the "Kindle" to boost summer sales while maintaining brand equity. Not the best assignment, but who can complain about a take home, open book exam, right? Anxiety is starting to creep in, I will on a plane in 48 hours, this is too weird.

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