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Thursday, May 13, 2010


If one of your worst nightmares is sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair, looking at a sheet full of garb that looks like this:


then welcome to my life.

I spent 50 minutes of my day today in room 5559 trying my hardest to decipher sentences like the one above, and translate it into english. Fun, not quite. I mean, of course there were other parts to the test, translating english words into chinese, and reading a chinese business card. WHY do I do this to myself? I have no idea?

So needless to say the 50 minutes actually went by so slow because all I could think of was retreating to my room for a nap of defeat. The chinese characters were making my head spin, and I was literally falling asleep. I managed to eat something before going back to my room and passing right out.

On to the next task, MGMT 332 exam at 10am tomorrow. This one I am not allowed to complain about, as it was I that arranged the early exam in the first place (helllllllo coming home in three sleeps!), but 10am ahhhhh the worst. So currently I sit in the library, with 10 lectures worth of notes in front of me, trying to absorb all that is Alex Markle, not as easy as it sounds.

Adding on to that, I just had my very first sit down dinner alone on campus, not as sad as I thought it would be. Maybe because I was so focused on learning the availability Heuristic that I really did not give a flying _____ who saw me eating alone lol. So, eating alone, not that bad; getting ridiculously sweaty because I struggled to handle the heat of the pork curry that I so randomly chose to order, not good times. Maybe asia hasn't built up my tolerance for spice after all.

Time for me to delve back into Judgement and Decision Making for Organizations, jealous? Didn't think so. 3 sleeps. count. it. down.

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