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Sunday, January 31, 2010

So today is the first day of classes... Time to actually get some work done I guess. I'm waitlisted for both of the classes that I am going to today, but I'm first in line for both (most of you know that I would follow that by saying suckkkkaaaaaaa lol). It is actually so humid here that my hands always feel sticky, and my sheets always feel damp; so I got this genius idea last night that maybe I should turn on the fan in my room... You know its bad when the boney front part of your shins is sweating... At least I can enjoy the fan for free, we have to pay everytime we want to turn on the air conditioner in the room.

I finally decided to go buy some hair products so that I can wear my hair curly and not have to curl it all of the time. My product of choice was "Sifone soft wave defining mousse", BAD decision. If by soft wave defining they meant, turning nice curly hair into a big puffball looking like albert einstein, then this crap is doing it's job. I'm hoping big hair makes a comeback SOON.

Last night we decided to live a little and go to a nice-ish restaurant by the campus bar. It was the biggest western menu I have seen since I got here, a meal without rice, yayyyy. I decided ona cheeseburger that came with "fat chips" and "salad"... You might wonder why I put salad in quotations, the reason being that I never really found out which part of my meal was the salad lol. Fat chips=fries, easy enough, but the burger came open faced, and on one side of the bun was lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes, but there was also a little dish of salsa witha pickle stuck in it... We spent a decent part of the dinner debating which one it was. Everyone came to the conclusion that more than likely, it was the salsa and pickle... I just gave up. Time for class. Wish me luck.

Someone ship me a mini fan and some hair stuff. STAT.

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