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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank heaven for 7 11 =)

Soooo, the past few days have been pretty crazy, super hectic, and tons of fun. After the insulin-fridge-thought it was freezing debocle we went on a Chinese heritage tour. And yes, it was just about as itneresting as it sounds... Not very. It ended up raining and my beautifully frizzy hair became what I would refer to as a fricken D├ęSASTRE! After the day randomly walking around some temples, parks, etc, we decided to check out some Chinese culture of a different type (muahahaha). There is a district in central HK referred to as LKF (i'll get back with the actual spelling of the real name at a later date), people say it is similar to Bourbon Street with tons and tons of bars and clubs that pretty much open right onto the street... My favorite part is the fact that you can go to one of the many 7 11s, buy a huge bottle of beer for about 1$ CDN, and legally creep through the streets drinking it with no shame... Perfect. We checked out a few bars and decided on Club 1997... Ohhh I also forgot to mention that it was ladies night, meaning everything is free.... Cover, booze, everything. The bar we chose had free cosmos for ladies alllll night, thank you!

We spent the night dancing and losing dignity and then cabbed back to HKUST (ps. cabs are ridiculously cheap here). Needless to say, orientation the next morning at 9 am was a bit painful. My friend Tobias sat beside me and snored through the entire thing lol. It was one of those days when I promised myself that I was going to have a nice long nap later in the day, nottttt so much. The american boys decided that they were going to teach the Europeans how to play beer pong and flip cup at the University bar (referred to Unibar from here on out). We had a ridiculous night playing drinking games, and drinking the bar dry of beer, as well as glasses to drink out of... Plastic cups for the rest of the night, classy.

Yesterday we had "buddy day", where we met up with our assigned buddies and had a fun-filled day haha. Started off with a light brunch, that for me consisted of many many mini tarts and a few shots of insulin. We then went to "Stanley Market" where there was lots of shopping, and lots of food. I MAYYYY have had a chocolate chip cookie after lunch, noooo willpower over here lol. We then went to Victoria peak which is a famous mall/observatory where you can see the city skyline, although it was super foggy so there was really no point. We then took a tram down to the bottom of the peak and I thought of my mom the whole time thinking how she would have been losing her mind, it felt like taking a really slow roller coaster ride, not my cup of tea. Just because it was Saturday, everyone decided to go back to LKF... Everybody headed down and once again hit up the trusty 711. After wandering into a few sifferent bars we decided on Fevar (I have a large blue stamp on my forearm reminding my of this), it cost 250$HK (about 35$CDN), for an open bar. i wasn't really drinking too much so it wasn't realllly worth it for me but I clearly wasn't going to stay wandering the streets alone lol. The bars here get just as crowded as the streets, as I could hardley fricken move in that place... Never again.

Sidenote: took the mini-bus home from the subway station by myself yesterday, felt like a big girl haha.

Time to go shower as I am the biggest greaseball in all of asia right now. The shower heads are really low and I have to bend down to get my hair wet, my head also pokes over the top of some of the bathroom stalls. I'm THAT creepy white girl peering into everybody elses stalls lol. I'll add some pictures later. If you don't like scenery pictures then suck it. =)

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